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Everybody needs some Inspiration

Inspiration comes in many forms and can happen at any moment in time. My 82 year old Gran inspires me with her strong will to never give up , my friend Jodene Shaer inspires me to believe in my dream and never give up and last but not least my two furkids inspire me to love unconditionally. I personally have my greatest ideas while I am having a shower while singing my Shower Anthem by David Guetta called Titanium.
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Those who inspire us to be the best we can be are our greatest cheerleaders. These amazing people hold our dreams safely in the palm of their hands while helping us achieve what fills our hearts and make our eyes sparkle. I am rather fortunate to have met some dear souls who regardless of distance or time are always there for me. Oddly enough some of my biggest cheerleaders I have never met but their postive vibes penetrate my lifr daily.
Life has over time allowed me the honour of meeting several people who have inspired me to be a better human and to dream my biggest dream. I have also been inspired by some people not to be like them and make better choices in my life. And like always Life doesnt make some of these people stay around for ever but just long enough to teach a lesson and move on.
Our time here is too precious to be spent with those that who dont add value to our growth. It is not about how long you know someone but the value they bring to your life. I have met several people in my journey who I just tolerate to keep the peace but this quote has got me thinking why should I? We need to learn to let go and choose wisely who we let into our circle of trust.
Surround yourself with those who not only want to take from you but those who enrich your world. Be around those who celebrate you and not just tolerate. One of the biggest lessons I have learnt in life is that as my vision/dream became clearer my circle became smaller. At first I was uneasy and didnt like the situation but over time I have learnt to let go and thank these souls for the lessons they have thought me on my journey.
I am now a priority in my life and I know that I matter. My circle of cheerleaders are small but boy oh boy do they have the loudest voices and biggest hearts. I thank you all for all the lessons you havr taught me in my journey no matter how short or long a period of time you have spent in my life.
My thought for today is about making the right choices , staying positive and realising who your cheerleaders really are. Time is to precious to waste so make every moment count.
Who inspires you to achieve your best ?
Be Inspired !
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