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Katy Perry brews a Mad Potion

A few weeks ago I got a lovely blogger drop from Coty. Inside I found a gorgeous black box with silver polka dots  and in bold bright pink MAD potion covered the front of the box.
Mad Potion by Katy Perry
As a fan of Katy Perry’s music , I was keen to try out the scent of her latest perfume. Katy Perry is well known for belting out popular songs that are so catchy and almost feel magical with her bright colourful outfits. So using her mesmerizing charm Katy Perry has created a new potion oops I mean fragrance to bewitch you and spread some of her magic into your world.
Mad Potion By Katy Perry
Instantly when one thinks of the word potion there are images  of magic , spells, genie and wishes coming true.On opening the packing I was rather impressed to find the bottle was shaped just like a magic potion bottle.The fragrance and lid of bottle are in a shade of purple reminding me of a childhood cartoon Gummi Bears and their bottles of Gummyberry juice they would drink that would give them magical powers.
Mad Potion has a mixture of seductive Vanilla and musks. The trio of Vanillas that is predominant but not over powering in this fragrance come from around the world. Tahitian Vanilla Orchid ,Madagascar Bourbon Vanilla and Mexican Vanilla Bean Absolute make up the top ,heart and base of this fragrance. This fragrance is long wearing and I rather like the whiff of Vanilla I get now and then when wearing this scent.
The fragrance is light hearted and playful just like Katy Perry. It brings out a fun and magical expression. If you are a Vanilla lover like me then this is one fragrance you should try out.
The fragrance is available in selected Clicks, Edgars ,Foschini and Dischem stores.
Katy Perry Mad Potion 30ml = R425.00
Katy Perry Mad Potion 50ml = R 495.00
Are you keen to go on a journey into the magical world of Katy Perry ? If so they make sure you get yourself some Mad Potion and let the magic begin….
Have you tried out this fragrance ? What is your favourite fragrance?
Be Inspired !
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