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Yas Island a must do in Abu Dhabi

Our day to Yas Island started pretty early that morning. With clear instructions to carry comfortable walking shoes, sunglasses ,sunblock and a swimming costume it was evident that this would be a jam packed day of Adventure.

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First stop was at the beautiful private Yas Beach. Yas Beach is a pay for beach with fantastic facilities and was a hive of activity. A new section to the beach was in construction and included shops,eateries , beach villas and even a swimming pool. A wide range of watersports are offered on Yas Beach something for everyone.The view along the beach was stunning and in the distance I could see Ferrari World which was next on our pit stop. Yas beach has a great atmosphere and I can only imagine how buzzing it will be once the new section is up and running and during the weekends. I personally would have loved to relaxed on one of the very inviting blue and white beach beds while sipping a cocktail and reading a book such bliss. I met a group of rather interesting ladies while I strolled along the shoreline but that is for another blog post. It is suggested that half a day be spent here to totally enjoy all the activities on offer.
Ferrari World Abu Dhabi
And then it was time to head over to Yas Mall and Ferrari World Abu Dhabi. No we did not go shopping though I did see several UK and American High Street stores and eateries. Yes they were all calling my name but alas I had a schedule to follow. Random piece of information my S Health App on my phone recorded on average 12500 steps per day during my  stint in Abu Dhabi !
Ferrari World Abu Dhabi
Ferrari World for any F1 and Ferrari lover is on their bucket list. It was super busy so after getting our VIP handbands we had a quick tour of Ferrari World. There was so much happening on every side you turned that I felt I had missed alot of things. One of the must do things at Ferrari World is the rollercoaster , I am a scary cat and I am afraid of heights so instead I opted to record some mini video clips and take pics on the ground. For any car lover this is total paradise there are rides for big and small people who love cars. It is suggested that atleast half a day be spent here to enjoy the full experience of Ferrari World Abu Dhabi.
Our lunch time fuel stop was at a pretty awesome eatery called Rogos. Ordering is done on  tablet and your food/drink is delivered on a rollercoaster. A full review to follow soon.
Yas Waterworld
Our final stop for the day was at Yas Waterworld. From the outside it did not look like anything amazing but once inside it was something else. This theme park is beautifully modelled around a local story of a young Emirati girl who lost her Pearl. It was only about 3 years ago that I found out that UAE states were known for trading Pearls. I did happen to see one of our fab hosts wearing a string of Rose Pearls and those who know me know how much I love all things Pink or Rose Gold unfortunately I did not have the time to go shopping for one but am sure sometime soon I will visit again. The waterpark has 43 rides , slides and attractions of these 5 are one of a kind. Yas Waterworld is a family theme park and has something for everyone. I opted to walk about and see my surroundings as well as walk along the man made “wave beach”. The waterworld is a perfect place to cool off especially in those high temperatures. There is a large number of umbrellas and beach recliners for you to chill on as well as private tents which can be hired for a fee. Here again half a day is needed to enjoy the full experience of Yas Waterworld and even go hunting for Pearls.
Yas Waterworld Collage
Yas Island is full of lots to do ,see and eat. No visit to Abu Dhabi would be complete without paying a visit to the Island. It is suggested for all the places I shared that atleast half a day be allocated to ensure the full experience is experienced. There are several hotels on Yas Island that one can book into so maybe that is another option to explore the Island. For more information check out
Would you be interested in visiting Yas Island ? What would you like to do on Yas Island?
Be Inspired !
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