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All Aboard the Radisson Blu Cruiseship

One of our many “home for the night” during my 15 day #ExploreWC with Lerato Bambo #ExploreWC with the 2 Girls was the stunning Radisson Blu Waterfront Hotel, situated on the Atlantic Ocean seafront of Cape Town. Radisson Blu is a name that when spoken conjures up images of 5 star luxury. I was very excited to be hosted at this property.
Radisson Blu Waterfront View
On arrival ,we were greeted and welcomed by the friendly staff who helped us with all our luggage. And yes two girls do end up with a lot of luggage especially when travelling for 15 days. During check in , I enquired about a Breakfast on the Go bag as the next morning we had an early start and needed to beat the traffic. Instantly I was asked what time and yes it would be done. Efficient I like it a lot !
Inside Radisson Blu Waterfront
As we headed up to our room , I could not help feeling a sense of deja vu as if this hotel reminded me of somewhere I had been too. And then it hit me , the interiors , lighting and passageways reminded me of a cruise ship that I went on a few years ago. Our beautiful room facing the Atlantic seaboard had some pretty spectacular views and I could not wait for sunset and sunrise to catch my favourite shots.
Radisson Blu Room
The room was large and airy more a suite than a room.The room was decorated in nautical colours adding to my thoughts of the cruise ship. A large sitting room with a TV was part of the open plan design. It was rather nice to have a seating area rather than to sit/lay in bed to watch TV. My latest addiction was the beautiful Nespresso machine in the room perfect for my Java Fix.
After taking all the necessary pictures, I ventured to the balcony and was blown away with the beautiful view. It was time to flick through the channels ,catch up on social media (Free WiFi) and relax before dinner all the while I kept an eye out so that I would not miss sunset.
Radisson Blu Sunrise
Suddenly ,there was a knock on the door and to our surprise yummy treats and a personal welcome was on the other side. Now this is the life. As usual Cape Town was showing off and I caught another incredible sunset. It was then time to freshen up and head to dinner at Tobago’s Bar and Restaurant situated inside the hotel.
Radisson Blu Winter Menu
Every eatery in Cape Town ,has a winter menu with hearty ,warm and spicy dishes on the menu. The foodie in me opted for a full three course meal and I was stuffed after that meal.
Starters : I selected the crispy fried chicken wontons. Loved the Asian inspired flavours and the presentation of this dish.
Crisy Fried Chicken Wonton
Main : I opted for the Seafood Platter and I was not disappointed. The portion was huge.
Radisson Blu Seafood Platter
Dessert : I picked a deconstructed Pumpkin Pie which I could not finish as I was too full from the other two courses.
Bellies full we returned to our room ,to find Lindt chocs ,bottled water,heating on and beds turned down for the night. I honestly felt like such a pampered Princess. Determined not to miss sunrise, I rose rather early and waited for the sky to break. I was rewarded by all sorts of beautiful. It was then time to shower ,pack and check out.
As we checked out ,we were wished a safe journey and handed our Padkos (Breakfast to go) . The breakfast was rather elaborate and I can only imagine how delicious the Breakfast Buffet would have been.
Radisson Blu Breakfast to Go
Thank you Radisson Blu for hosting and being apart of our #ExploreWC trip. For prices and more check out
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