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Only Human #TuesdayTruth

Only Human
It is that crazy time of year. We are frantically finishing off work projects,attending Christmas parties and shopping for the Festive season. It is also a time when our emotions are not always on check.
Our body and minds are tired and stressed out. Often we experience a meltdown which sends our emotions on a rollercoaster. Tantrums surface and we often speak without thinking. This state of mind can be a dangerous path as it could lead to a place of depression and often self destruction.
It is OK and not the end of the world.We are only human not robots without feelings and emotions. You can get through it by :

  1. Crying it out.
  2. Going for a long walk.
  3. Talking to a friend.
  4. Eating comfort food.
  5. Go for a swim.
  6. Meditate.
  7. Spring Clean your home.
  8. Make bread.
  9. Adult colouring.
  10. Listen to happy music.

So basically a Timeout is needed. This allows you to refocus ,be grateful for what you have and move on. Part of this process is Letting Go of all the things and people who no longer serve you. I dare you to be a blessing to someone, when we care for others it helps us feel better and it can change a life.
It is important to “Shake it off” in the wise words of Taylor Swift. Put on your sparkling charm and focus on what is important and how you going to get there. The past can not be changed but our future can. Dont waste time use it wisely.
What do you do to refocus ? Have you ever experience a meltdown?
Be Inspired !
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