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YES you are BEAUTIFUL #TuesdayTruth

Society and the media often brainwash us into believing what the word beautiful means.We are constantly bombared with these “beautiful ” images that have been airbrushed or photoshopped.Young female children are given Barbie dolls to play with that have body proportions that are not even real and lets not forget that long blonde hair.
Celebrities are also known for their addition of surgery ,nail ,hair and eyelash extensions.All these are added to make one beautiful and us women see that as the definition of beautiful.The media is also filled with several weightloss products that can offer one a quick fix to look beautiful.
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Growing up as a chubby child into a teenager,I had this image in my head that if someone was thin that made them beautiful.I recall at the age of 10 going to Weighless not of choice but I was forced to by my mum.I was not very confident growing up and didnt see the beautiful me that was always there.As I grew older I learned various life lessons that have now brought me to where I am right now.
I have learnt that …..I am BEAUTIFUL and one of a kind.I am not defined by my physical appearances.I have realised that beauty comes in all shapes,sizes and colours.Over the last 4 years ,I have come into my own taken control of my life.Taking control means I have decided to be healthier by making wiser food choices and limiting things which are not good for me in my diet.Being stronger means I am working on my self confidence taking note of all the lessons and blessings life has given me.Speed is not how fast I walk or run but instead how much quicker I am to grasp concepts and ideas and implement these.Last but not least is fitter…..well I am more aware of my physical activity and keep track of my step counter on my phone.I have a long way to go but every journey must start somewhere.
Indeed I have always been a BEAUTIFUL soul but now I know it and feel.Each day I make choices and decisions to make my life better.I have learnt that a beautiful exterior does not always mean that the inside is beautiful.All my decisions are my own and not those my mum forced on me as a chubby 10 year old.
We are all constantly changing and adapting our lives and our lifestyle.But never forget you are Beautiful and now you are making better choices for a better lifestyle.There are no quick fix methods or products to make one beautiful.Beauty comes from within and not out of a makeup bag or a plastic surgeon.
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Hey Beautiful….yes you reading this post…I think you are amazing ….utterly gorgeous and a beautiful soul….make better choices for a healthier and strong you ….BUT nevet forget just how BEAUTIFUL you are….
Be Inspired !

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8 thoughts on “YES you are BEAUTIFUL #TuesdayTruth

  1. That was beautiful, You are beautiful!! I love your smile that shows the spirit in you!! I had my issues with beauty growing up (I was only skin and bones, and people thought I was ready to die). But I never really worried too much.. I am what I am.. Being happy with ourselves, brings out the beauty in us, I guess!!

    1. Aww thank you Swathi for reading and your kind compliment.People can be cruel.We are who God intended us to be and until we realise that we will not reach our true potential x

  2. Beautifully written, Beautiful Verushka! Very true and very well said! I couldn’t agree more! I am well aware that we all can’t look the same, or have the same body type/height/ hair colour/skin etc… But one thing I firmly believe is that, there is indeed Beauty in EVERY race, colour and body type too! It is so sad that the media and certain insolent members of society propagate otherwise! This is very incorrect and damaging to young girls and even grown women who are taught self loathing from a young age. We must accept that we are all different, and should not be made to feel ashamed of out cultural and ancestral heritage! Afterall, we are physical by -products of our Ancestors and we must embrace our religious and racial descent! I am not ashamed of my bloodlines and my forebears, and I absolutely detest being made to feel as such! Also, more people need to learn how to have inner beauty aswell- this aspect of ‘beauty’ is often forgotten. No matter how ‘physically attractive’ one may be, a nasty/evil personality and bad heart instantly detracts from that ‘percieved’ attractiveness. Beauty on the outside is subjective, but beauty on the inside is plain to see! A good and gentle heart is always beautiful, and transcends racial/religious/colour/body barriers.
    Thank you for writing this post! Maybe one day society will be able to think differently about what the physical/external embodiment of ‘beauty’ is…
    Perhaps we may change the world one inspirational blog post at a time.
    Personally, I think you absolutely radiate beauty. It is in your body, smile, and your writing-your kind heart reflects in all that!
    Have a beautiful day Hunni πŸ™‚
    PS. Thanks for the Twitter mention.

  3. Such beautiful words…I am humbled.I do #Live2Inspire and hopefully my writing can change the mindset of society.ps working on blog shuffling so subscriber button will be up soon x

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