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5 Life Lessons from a Mobile Phone

We live in the age of Technology.The thought of me not having my mobile phone makes me panic.Mobile phones now have the capacity to do so much more and have literally become our mobile offices.We wake up in the morning and more often than not we reach for our phone first to see what we have missed out.
Samsung S6
For almost everything ,one can download an app from recipes,games to editing to office programes we can find it.But then comes the point of our addiction to the digital world.This addiction is more dangerous than we actually think and often a Digital detox is needed.
During a training session the other day I had the idea for the blog post.So here goes….I have come to realise like everything in life ,our mobile phone too can teach us some valid lessons about life.Say WHAT ?? Life lessons from my mobile phone ?? YES check it out …..
1)Restart device.
If we encounter a problem we dont give up but instead restart the device and try and continue again.We are often to afraid to start over incase there is a repeat of the problem.Nothing ventured nothing gained go on just press RESTART.
2)Low battery means we need to charge the phone.
Our bodies and minds often are running on a low battery but instead of charging up by resting and fuelling our body with food we continue until we are drained out.Once our bodies are drained out we switch off completely just like our mobile phones and it takes forever to recharge to optimum.Moral of story always charge up our body battery if it is running on low.
phone on charge
3)Switch off device when at important meetings or the movies.
Switching off is almost like a do not disturb sign.Just how we switch off our phones so that we are not disturbed so too do we need to switch off our minds from the crazy world we live in.Switching off is important in trying to stay sane as is a great form of digital detox.When I switch off these days ,I go spend time with my latest hobby of adult colouring.This helps as a form of stress relief.
4)Silent mode.
When our mobile phone is on this mode we are blissfully unaware of all the messages and notifications.So too at times we need to stop talking and start listening to what others are actually saying.When there is silence not only do we hear the message but we also understand more.
5)Block function.
All mobile phones and the apps we use on them have the function of blocking a user from contacting us.So why do we block someone ?a) they are annoying b)pervert c) an ex.With that in mind it means we block and get rid of the negatives in our life so that they can not contact us.So why cant we block negative people and the energy sappers from our lives.If our phone can do that so can we.Blocking these people means that they have no contact with us and our lives.Thus we block ,delete and get rid of things and people who no longer serve us.
Dear Mobile Phone…
I think you are so amazing.I can not see my life without you.Thank you for the valuable life lessons.Never in my wildest dreams did I think I would learn life lessons from you.With gratitude in my heart ,I hope to put these 5 important lessons to work in my life….
Yours in love …..
Do you feel that these life lessons are valid?Have you ever thought about your mobile phone teaching you anything about life?
Be Inspired !

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