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Why I joined a 30 day blog challenge ?

Ever since I stumbled across the world of blogging in 2010/2011, I have spent maybe a million hours (maybe I am lying here) online reading blogs.Each blog has given me information of sorts from how to be a better blogger to product reviews.Intially I was afraid I would run out of things to write.
And then I discovered that one could sign up to various blog challenges and recieve a topic to write about each day.It worked for a few days but they felt like such tasks because I had to write about a topic I was given.So eventually I gave up the blog challenges and just posted when I had the inspiration.
But things changed when I came across a post shared by someone on Facebook about Sark eMedia.Who or what are thet you ask? Sark eMedia is an online media company that is run by the dynamic and very supportive Sarah and Kevin Arrow a husband and wife duo.This couple are UK based and offer FREE online courses to help your improve your blogging and in turn generate money.Their website offers various tools to help one on their blogging journey.I was instantly drawn to the 30 day challenge which required you to blog everyday and share your posts in the group.
So why did I sign up ?
1)I wanted to fall in love with my blog all over again.
2)I wanted to learn more about the world of blogging.
3)I wanted to discover other blogs from around the world.
4)I wanted to become part of another blogging community.
5)Most importantly I wanted to be able to blog daily without it seeming to be a chore but my passion.
Once I signed up on the website.I was sent a welcome email which gave me direction as to how it would work.I was to recieve an email each morning at 6am and I had to read it and act on it.Each daily email included valuable tips on how to write an About Me page, How to pick the perfect blog title and so much more.
Once my post for the day was ready, I needed to share it in the group.The group is rather awesome as it has bloggers from around the world each with such different blogs.Bloggers are encouraged to share posts, read posts and comment on blogs.I also found that some bloggers had done this challenge several times but still continued as they had fallen in love with blogging/writing.As you are not given a specific topic to blog about each blogger writes different pieces that fits in with their specific blog.I also noticed that some bloggers had missed days but were supported to continue writing when they could.
So far I am totally loving this challenge.
Why ?
1)I am so motivated to write each day.
2)Am currently on day 11/30.
3)Recieved my 1st badge for 7 days of blogging yay me !
4)I have discovered new blogging friends and am learning everyday something new.
5)I have actually started scheduling my blog post and am not stressed each day to get a post up.
blogging badge 7 days
If you are a blogger I suggest you check out and actually sign up to this challenge.You will thank me later.
Make sure you are following :
Twitter : @verushka143
IG : verushka143
Facebook : SpiceGoddess
This is one challenge I am determined to complete.Have you done any blog challenges before? Your thoughts on blog challenges?
Be Inspired !

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