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The little Guide to Blogging

Over the last few months I have been approached by a few people about Blogging.I am by no means an expert as I am constantly learning everyday.So today I decided to share a few tips with you about the world of Blogging and some of what I have learnt.
Blogging 101
1)Before you decide to start blogging,read several different types of blogs both local and internationally.This will give you ideas on what you want to blog about and how to set up a blog.There are several blogs online about how to set up a blog.Read ! And then Read some more.
now what
2)So now you have decided that blogging is for you.What next?
Setting up your blog.At first use a free platform.The most popular free platforms are Blogger and WordPress.I personally prefer WordPress and that is where SpiceGoddess was born.
Blogger VS WordPress
3)Now to start blogging.But about what?
Write about what interests you.Dont start a blog because you want freebies.Start a blog because you want to share information.Find a routine that works for you to blog.At first,I blogged only once a week but now I blog more regularly sometimes 5 posts a week.Give your readers a glimpse of who you are we all love learning more about the person whose blog we are reading.It is a fun way to create interest in your blog.
4)Sharing blog links.
Not only your links but those of other bloggers whose posts you have read and enjoyed.Leave comments on blog post but more than just “great post”.In your blog posts share the links of bloggers posts which you have enjoyed reading.
5)Social Media
Blogging and Social Media go hand in hand.One can not exist without the other.It is essential to have the following Social Media platforms:

  1. Twitter – great place to share your blog links as well as discover new blogs to read.Follow some bloggers ,brands and people who interest you in general.
  2. Facebook – at the start I did not have a blog page on Facebook just a personal profile to which I shared blog links to.Then as my blog grew and brands and PR companies started contacting me the always asked about a Blog Facebook page, so I started one fairly recently.I share my blog links,interesting articles and inspirational quotes.
  3. Instagram – another platform which I have recently started using purely because my previous handset did not allow me to use this platform.I share my posts here with an eyecatching image from my blog post with hashtags that are relevant.I also add the website addy and state Link in Bio.I have attached my Facebook and Twitter accounts to IG so my posts get automatically shared to these 2 platforms as well.PR companies also ask for information on this platform.
  4. Pinterest – another platform thats very new to me.I have created a board call SpiceGoddess blogs where I share my blog posts and pin a suitable image from my post.

Social Media
So today ,I shared 5 tips to get you started and on the road to blogging.I will be sharing more tips soon so make sure you come back to visit.Good luck with your blog.Let me know if these tips are useful.
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Be Inspired !

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