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#LondonDiary Day 2 (Part 1)


I woke up to an overcast London in a very luxury room of the Cumberland Hotel based near Marble Arch.The skies threatened to open up and provide some rain.
Skipping breakfast I opted to meet Mo for a quick coffee before heading off to meet a dear friend in Stratford home of the Olympics.Before leaving for Stratford I popped into Primark for a bit of shopping before hopping onto the central line east bound.
On arrival in Stratford , I couldn’t believe how much had changed.Having lived in the area and using that Tube station every day one could notice the upgrades for the Olympics.My friend Vivene is such a blessing to my life she is literally my London mum.Earlier this year she lost her daughter.So catching up with mummy V in our favourite spot Nandos was much needed.
Nandos in London has a rather different menu to us here in SA.And soon as I knew I was going I was craving their Mango and Lime flavoured chicken which is not available here in SA.After placing our order, we caught up on 4years of stories , memories and friends.It was so good for my soul seeing Mummy V.
I headed back to the hotel so I could rest abit before I could glam up for the much anticipated Lenovo Launch that evening.We were asked to meet at 6pm for pre -event drinks.Literally as soon as I got to the hotel the skies opened like a burst water pipe.
Boy was I glad to be safely indoors.Flicking channels while I sipped a cup of Earl Grey.After my tea it was time for my Eyeslices paper me time which was much needed due to my lack of sleep.I needed to look my best for the launch that evening.
After a shower I started getting dressed after 3 outfit changes I loved the way I looked.Red dress , heels , silk coat I felt powerful yet sexy and felt I could take over the world.Before making my way downstairs I sprayed on some Taylor Swift Wonderstruck hoping to have that effect.
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