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Batiste Dry Shampoo

Last year during my birthday weekend shenanigans was the first time I heard of Dry Shampoo.After a night out partying , too many cocktails , too few hours of sleep none of us were keen to wash and style our hair before we headed off to brunch.
And then my cousin pulled out a can of the miracle dry shampoo.I was a lil weary of using a dry shampoo so instead I opted to tie up my hair in a messy bun.It was only a few months later I was in Clicks when I saw this range and thought oh well let’s give it a try.
There were several types in the range.I choose a shampoo with a hint of brown colour as my hair is always coloured in various shades of brown.I wash my hair twice a week so one week I was rather ill, the weather was awful , I had to go to work and my hair was oily.Enter my saviour Batiste….
The intructions were very easy peasy shake the can , spray at the roots and massage into hair for 3 minutes.My greatest fear was that the shampoo would leave white flakes looking like dandruff in shampoo.
I followed the 3 steps on the can , the smell was divine reminded me of sweet and of childhood.Massages it into my hair and my hair looked fresh and good to go.I didn’t wash my hair for 3 days after that to see how effective this dry shampoo was.To my surprise I have loved using this proud and keep it on standby for my “bad hair days”.Thanks to my cousin for introducing me to this product yes I know it took ages for me to use the product BUT its a great product.Its available at Clicks and has a large variety to suit all hair types.Will I buy this product again ?? Defo !
Have you tried dry shampoo before ? Thoughts?

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