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Yudhika's Memoirs

The word memoirs brings to mind history,family ,heritage and culture. Yudhika Sujanani, a local South African chef has captured this beautifully in her latest cook book called Memoirs.
Memoirs by Yudhika
This cookbook is so beautifully put together that it captivates the reader with the vibrant images and storytelling from the first page. In her third cook book Memoirs , Yudhika shares not only recipes but her roots and her family. The book reminds me of days gone by and my own rich cultural Indian heritage. Yudhika Sujanani is a well known for appearing on several cooking shows including her own and has been featured in several local publications. This book is a collection of recipes and memories passed down from generation to generation.With each generation comes a story and a few changes. That is one of the reasons I am so in love with Food History. Yudhika is often called the Queen of Curry and it is no surprise as she whips up aromatic dishes using a variety of Indian spices with a modern twist while wearing designer heels. Move over Nigella 😉
Besides her TV shows, cookbooks and her eatery in Johannesburg called Holi Cow , Yudhika has her own range of Indian spices which can be ordered directly from her and are found in certain Spar Stores. My favourite spice in the range is the Magic Masala which is fantastic no more speed bumps (elachi pods). Talk about a go getter and Yudhika fits the bill perfectly.
I loved reading this cook book because of the memories attached to each recipe. To me every dish has a story and we must understand the story to appreciate the dish. A variety of dishes can be found in this book including sweet and savoury dishes. Each recipe is not too complicated and that is what appeals to me and to most wanabe chefs out there.
Last weekend at the Good Food and Wine Show in Durban, I was able to meet this stunning lady. Yudhika is even more beautiful with a heart of gold. I was able to purchase Memoirs and even had it signed. It is clearly evident how passionate Yudhika is about food,cooking and life as this energy oozes from her. I am very keen to try out some of the recipes in this cookbook and will do so during my summer break. It seems Gran has her favourites too after watching several of Yudhika’s cooking shows.
Yudhika and Verushka GFWS2015
Memoirs can be purchased directly from  Yudhika by calling her on 011 4672661. For more information check out WWW.YUDHIKA.COM
Yudhika has proven that nothing is impossible without hardwork. She is an inspiration to every women out there. They say find out what you are passionate about and do it then you will never have to work again. Yudhika has taken her passions and skills and turned it all into a beautiful spice mix that will become a legacy for future generations.
Do you have a favourite cookbook? Who are you favourite local chefs?
Be Inspired !
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