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My MakeUp Essentials

Of recent there has been several campaigns with the no make up look.Women baring their naked faces with flaws and all with such confidence.
A few weeks ago this  article started appearing on various social media platforms.
FB_IMG_1441261320115This article has sparked several conversations online which included if it was a fake article,the wonders of makeup and if the man only married her for her beauty.In the article it states that he is suing his wife ,but my question is will he still stay married to her or not?

I am no makeup expert but I have over the years picked up a few tips.As a little girl ,I vividly recall sitting and watching my mum get ready to go out with my dad.I guess that is when my interest in makeup was ignited.All little girls want to be just like mummy and put on makeup and that was how Tinkerbell kids makeup range was born.

As a teenager I was not really interested in wearing makeup and it was only in my 20’s when I started working did this change.One thing I knew for sure was that I would be using Estee Lauder makeup just like mum.It has taken some time to build up my makeup essentials especially finding the right tones for my skin tone but I think I have I got it right.
Often when I post pics up on any of ny social media platforms ,I get comments on my makeup and how well it is applied.So today I decided to share with you the products I use and why.
makeup look1
Look 2
look3I found what works for me and thats what I stick to.Getting the correct foundation to give me good coverage and be long lasting is a must.I use Estee Lauder Double Wear in Rich Ginger.This is followed by Estee Lauder Perfecting Loose Powder in the shade of Deep which gives me a matt finish.Finding the perfect colour blush to suit your skin tone is rather difficult as some makeup brands dont do shades for darker skin tones.I finally found my perfect blush in the MAC range in the shade of Desert Rose.As I wear glasses,I love eye makeup and love drawing attention to my eyes.My eyes are very sensitive so when looking for a eyeliner was rather difficult until I found the Woolworths Gel Eyeliner,which is a soft gel eye pencil which is easy to apply and can be applied thickly which I love.Currently I am using  the Max Factor False Lash Effect which opens up my eyes and gives me beautiful lashes.Not always do I wear eyeshadow as I often forget it.My goal this year is to learn how to do a topliner on my eyelids so I can finish off my makeup look.For my lips, I love the dark berry tones currently I am loving the Accessorize Lipstick in Shade 6 called Passionate.This lipstick has a Matt finish to it and I always add lipgloss over to give it a shimmer and shine.
I must admit that most days I go without makeup which is good for my skin.But when going to functions and events I do put on my other face.One key tip about using makeup is making sure you remove it before going to sleep so that your pores dont get clogged and end up with breakouts.I have been rather spoiled as the team from Clarinsonic sent me their beautiful Mia2 which makes makeup removal so much easier.
So what are your makeup essentials? What brands do you use?
Be Inspired !

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