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Applying for UK visa

Once I received my flight, accomodation and letter invitation could I apply for my Visa.I was a tad bit stressed as I had about ten days to get it.
The process for the application starts with an online application that takes roughly 45 minutes to complete.You need the following to complete this :

  1. Flight details
  2. Passport
  3. Accommodation details
  4. Credit card to pay application fee R1600.
  5. A printer too as the documents need to be printed for when you have your interview.

I was lucky enough to get an appointment two days later.The day before I had to put together a folder of information all copies and originals for me to present.These included :

  1. Specific UK Visa pics (2)
  2. Full bank statement
  3. Flight tickets / e-ticket printed
  4. Proof of accommodation (hotel bookings or letter from family/friend with their address , a copy of their passport and proof of address)
  5. A letter of invitation as to why to intend travelling from a company if for business.
  6. A letter from my current employer stating I will be returning to my job.
  7. Copies of the online application forms all dated and signed.
  8. Passport
  9. Appointment letter
  10. Proof of payment of visa application.

*Carry your credit card as well , I paid £100 for Priority Visa application which takes 3 days.
On the morning of my appointment I arrived early with my file of documents.I waited in line till it was my turn to be called.Cellphones must be switched off at this point
There was a waiting room literally like that of a doctors room with an electronic board.You had to await your turn until your name appeared on the screen and directed you to the correct counter.Once at the counter all documents had to be handed over with a few questions.It was at this point I had to go to another counter to do my Priority Visa application as I didn’t have much time before I left.Once done I headed off back to the waiting room and awaited to be called in for the next part of the process.Here finger prints were taken on a digital scanner and I was asked to remove my glasses and speak into a camera.And then it was over I was told I would be notified via email.
Been a worrypot I stressed about this until Monday when I got an email saying my Passport and application was in Pretoria.On Wednesday I received another email saying to my passport was ready for collection.I was over the moon BUT a few hours later I got a reality injection incase I didn’t get my visa and again the stressball started.
Thursday morning I went to pick up my Passport saying a million prayers.And it was approved for 6months yipee.
The process was not too difficult.Hope this info helps you.I also read this post on common mistakes made.

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