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Eyeslices! Relax! Restore! Revive!

Last week I was sent this product to try out.I wear glasses every day all day so my eyes do get tired.I am also addicted to Social Media so I spend several hours online blogging and tweeting and this too causes strain on my eyes.
I was pretty keen to try this product out.So Friday afternoon after a very crazy,busy and stressful week I decided to use my slices.The slices come in a rather cute sealable container that looks very much like a contact lenses container.
The instructions were simple on how to use the product.I had to wash my face wipe and then put on each eyeslice and leave for 5 minutes.Each slice looks like a sliver of green jelly.After 5minutes place the slices into the original container and seal tightly for reuse.
How did my eyes feel?
Refreshed , not sore , moist and relaxed.
So this is what the product targets :

  1. Puffiness and dark circles
  2. Tiredness and redness
  3. Premature aging

So in love with this product and my eyes are feeling so much better.The product is South African made.
For more information:
Ps since writing this post , I have fallen utterly in love with this product and it has saved me from looking awful especially after my recent long haul flight to London literally surviving on 4hours sleep a night.So yes get this product ! It will save your eyes and you will thank me later.

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