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Durban welcomes FlySafair

Today, is a very special day in Durban at King Shaka International Airport. South Africa’s newest low cost airline, FlySafair makes their inaugural flight into Durban.
I recall my first flight as a kid and the pure magic realising that I was flying like a bird. As I grew older my gypsy blood surfaced and my love of travel was born. Airports are one of my favourite places like the opening scenes of the movie Love Actually and you see emotions of all kinds.
A few weeks ago, I was invited to the FlySafair launch in Johannesburg. This reminded me just how much times have changed in terms of flying. Years ago one would need to drive up and that would roughly be a six to seven hour journey. Now days a 50 minute flight later and you have arrived in Johannesburg. Many in the world of business travel this journey on a daily basis. So the introduction of a new airline route means that prices start to become more cheaper.

On arriving at our destination, we were taken to the hanger and what greeted us was a beautiful aircraft with the gorgeous pink and blue colours on the tail ane wings standing out. We were met by the Management team of the company ,one of their pilots and 2 lovely air hostesses.
It was a morning of learning Aviation and I learnt to appreciate just how much work goes into getting a flight of the ground safely. The word safety was used so many times by various speakers that it did make me feel rather safe.
Interesting Facts :

  1. Turn around time is generally 35/40 minutes but this airline aims for 25minutes and is it doable.
  2. The fuel tanks are found in the wings and belly of the aircraft.
  3. 5 tons of Fuel is needed for a flight to Cape Town.
  4. The toilets on a plain are serviced twice a day.
  5. The winglets provide a 1% fuel saver.
  6. The Captain has final authority on a flight.

7. Cheaper flights mean that the aircraft must be in the air more.
Safair is the parent company of FlySafair. This company has been around for 50 years providing local and international flights. With so many years of experience in the Aviation game this airline is sure to succeed.
FlySafair have 3 main objectives :

  1. Affordable travel.
  2. Satisfied customers.
  3. Flights on time.

These are the needs/wants of every customer. Since the airline entered the market last year, there has been a 39% decrease on prices in flights on the same routes.
The model of FlySafair is based on the popular Europe Airline , Ryan Air. Having used Ryan Air in the past I know that the prices will be very affordable and this is the motto of FlySafair “For the love of travelling”. Low cost airline has the stigma attached that it will always be Late but this is not the case with FlySafair.
Welcome to Durban FlySafair. Wishing you many safe journeys and a million customers. And I will defo be flying with you soon.
For more information and to book your flights check out
Have you ever flown with a local cost airline? Thoughts?
Be Inspired!
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