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Introducing my Life Lately

Say what??? it is almost time for Christmas and 2015 to change to 2016. NO way I have just gotten used to writing those numbers. Time really does fly by, I find these days I need more hours in my day and a day between Satuday and Sunday.
Life lately has been filled with all sorts of bitter sweet moments. Most days my life looks like Work, blog, sleep and eat. It is that time of exams and marking for all those in the Education sectors. But inbetween I have some rather special and exciting things happening which I will share with my readers all in good time.
So here is a glimpse of my Life Lately ….
At the moment :
It is Saturday morning. Mother Nature is feeling rather offish this morning as she is dull and the sounds of thunder are playing in the background. Not your typical Durban summer. I am still in bed enjoying a lazy start to the weekend. Today is also the day I end my Vegetarian fast which has been going on for almost 40 days. Ps I love this kind of weather reminds me of my London days and mum just made my morning by bringing me a cup of tea in bed 😉
I felt like how Mother Nature is feeling today. I felt sick and uneasy. The word offish does not even come close to describe my mood yesterday. A very important lesson was learnt yesterday and that was “I am ENOUGH”. I some pretty awesome friends yesterday who held my hand during this crazy day. And then I got home to such a sweet blogger drop which was such a reminder that with everything bitter there is something sweet.
Beyers Chocolate Blogger Drop
I am looking forward….
To next weekend for so many reasons. Next weekend is a foodie weekend for me with the Good Food and Wine Show in Durban. I am looking forward to catching up with some of my favourite local and international chefs.
Sunday will be High Tea with my favourite girls. It has been such a long time that we have not seen each other all together. There will be lots of laughter,food and catching up especially as one has gotten married and another is getting married in December.
These days…
My life sometimes feels like a day from the movie Groundhog Day. But I know each day brings with it lessons and blessings. I barely have time to even watch TV these days but I do find the time to catch up with my daily British soapie Eastenders. On a more regular basis I am finding myself in the kitchen working my magic like the Domestic Goddess I am.
I believe…
That better days are ahead. I have a feeling that 2015 will end with a bang for the SpiceGoddess. The feeling that things are about to get more exciting is bubbling inside me. Nothing is life is by chance everything that happens is a lesson or blessing and yes this year has been filled with several of these both.
I am convinced…
That the best years of my life are still to come.I know that my Prince Charming is on his way…hmm just a thought maybe he is reading my blog. If you are Prince Charming I think your GPRS is not working too well.
I wish…
For better days for everyone filled with good health and wonderful memories. Personally I wish for a life of adventures with my soul mate by my side living my Dream and growing the SpiceGoddess brand.
What have you been up to recently ?Anything exciting you are looking forward to ? Have an amazing day/ weekend doing what makes your soul happy with those who matter.
Be Inspired!
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