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A Red-E Powerbank POWERS me

As a person who is addicted to Social Media, one of my biggest problems with mobile phones is that they dont hold battery life for more than roughly 6 hours in my case. Recently here in South Africa we have been having power cuts and for me it was like my worst nightmare ever. You would be amazed just how much time I spend on my phone doing all sorts.
From prepping blog posts, games, checking IG /Facebook /Twitter and taking pictures. My battery on my phone does not last me too long. The worst thing ever is thought of not having a charge phone incase of an emergency shh dont tell mum that I actually mean battery to take my #Selfie. So this often left me with two options get a spare battery to carry around but most newer mobile phones have built in batteries or carry my charger with the cable and an adaptor to find a plug point. This can be rather embarrassing when you are out at an event asking for the nearest plug point.
Then roughly two years ago, it seemed like my battery problems would be a thing of the past. Powerbanks were first introduced into the market. Instantly I knew I needed one and off I went to purchase a big pink Apple that  would charge up my phone anytime or place. The device was rather expensive at almost R400 but it was a small price to pay for a fully charged phone. Within three months the device stopped charging I did get a replacement as it was under a 2 year warranty with the store. And then it died a sudden death and I was left with a dead big Pink Apple to use as a paperweight.
Earlier this year in March I was sent a Red-E Powerbank from Voices Club as a gift. This came at a perfect time , as we were heading off to Mauritius for my Brother’s Wedding.
I had heard the name Red-E Powerbank before and knew it was a good product.But what caught my attention immediately was the Lifetime Guarantee yay finally a product that would last.
My first thoughts :

  1. such a beautifully designed product.
  2. How slimline the product was.Almost size of a credit card and so thin.
  3. It stated it would last for 500 charges.
  4. Easy to charge it with an ordinary phone charger no extra cords and cables needed.

During my trip, not only did I use this powerbank to charge my phone but also my camera.On holiday one is often out and about so having a device like this is very handy.Everyone who saw me use the product wanted to know more about it and how it worked. I was never out of the loop in terms of online and didnt need to carry my charger with me.
But because I had used my Powerbank so much, it had actually stopped charging. So that meant I had used up its 500 charges. I was rather saddened by this and was not sure if I would be able to get a replacement unit considering I had not purchased the unit. The team were amazing and helped me to exchange my unit at a store close to where I live. There were no hassles no dramas a simple exchange and I came home with a new unit. I was rather curious as to what the price was and boy was I shocked,  R200 only. That was all it costed for a Lifetime Guarantee now this is a product you need to buy. There are various powerbanks on the market some every cheap but they do not last.
There are several different units in the range with larger power sources. For now this Powerbank serves me well. These can be bought at all Due South, Cape Union Mart and Sportsman’s Warehouses throughout South Africa. Having a Red-E Powerbanks means I am empowered where ever I am and I will not miss taking a great picture or having to carry around a charger in my handbag.
For more information check out
Twitter : @red_e_za
Do you own a Powerbank? Would you consider getting one?
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