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my life would suck without you….

my life would suck without you….

Listening to Kelly Clarkson earlier this week prompted the inspiration of this blog.

So I thought about it and realized how much my life would suck without technology. Am sure all of you who have read my blogs know about my digital addiction.Indeed I would be truly lost and my life would suck without access to technology.My handbag is a testimony to my addiction external hard drive, memory sticks and now a recent addition of a fully charged spare Blackberry battery.I kid you not I am so afraid of not been connected to the world and missing out on something.L

ucky for me my friends are also very smitten with age of technology, one who recently celebrated her birthday said she would be so upset if hubby bought her jewellery when all she wanted was a new external hardrive. See guys yes we do love sparkly gifts but we are also considering digital gifts now . HI everybody my name is Verushka and yes  I am addicted to the digital era.I cannot live without my phone and internet access.I did go cold turkey twice but the side effects were terrible mood swings, depression,anger,withdrawal from others are just a few of the symptoms i experienced.Though an addiction is meant to be bad I love mine and can’t seem to get enough of this digital drug.ciao for now my digital addicts and in the words of Kelly Clarkson my life would suck without you

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