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5 Favourite movies

Another one of my addictions is watching movies and series. I have 2 HDs full but my problem however is getting time to watch.They say good moves are generally ones who leave you feeling good, ones you watch over and over and ones you can quote lines from.
There are so many fantastic movies and series out there and in so many different genres. Its kinda difficult for me to pick 5 only but i will attempt too.
5 Favourite movies :
1) Serendipity ( check out earlier blog post on this one)
2) Love Actually
3) Nottinghill ( Hugh Grant lover)
4) Bridget Jones Diary
5) Chocolate ( Johnny Depp and chocolate who can resist )
After writing this list, I have noticed I love British movies 🙂
Series watching is so addictive and time consuming. My friends, cousins and I swop and copy all the time from each other. I love having these as there are no adverts and you can watch more than one episode.Here gos my list 🙂
5 Favourite Series :
1) Pretty little Liars ( Thriller/Mystery)
2) Gavin and Stacey ( British)
3) Two Broke Girls (Comedy)
4)Revenge ( Thriller /Mystery)
5) Bones ( Forensics/ Thriller)
I love a good series that catches my attention love a good comedy though Thrillers and Mysteries keep me hooked. This list was harder to do as I love so many So what are you watching? What are your favourites? Let me know.
Have a fab weekend. Series time beckons me 🙂

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