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Life is like a Camera #TuesdayTruth

Life is a cameraAs technology has improved,cameras on mobile phones have become a neccessary part of our lives.Be it #selfies or pictures of our meals or fun times out we are all snapping away and uploading to various social media platforms.It is a form of capturing our memories and sharing them with the world.
So when I saw this quote online it appealed to me on various levels.The message is much deeper….
When taking a picture we make sure that we focus, zoom in , look for the perfect lighting to ensure that we capture the perfect image.So to in life we need to focus on what is important to us.
We love capturing pictures of us having fun with loved ones , celebrating and smiling loads.Therefore we need to capture Good Times as happy memories to store in our cupboard of happiness for those days when we need a reminder of how blessed we are.
In the good old days before digital pictures , one had to buy camera film to use to capture your pictures.Once your film was full you needed to go to a photoshop to develop the negatives to produce your pictures.In life we need to use the negatives to help us develop into better people.
We always take more than one picture just incase we dont like the one we have taken or someone has caught an image of us in an off moment.So too in life if things dont work out the first time around take another shot until you are happy with the results.
So many lessons to learn from a camera about life.But such vital lessons at that.Keep smiling and keep capturing amazing pictures even if you have to take another picture.
Be Inspired !

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