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10 Romantic Movies to watch on Netflix for Valentines Day

10 Romantic Movies to watch on Netflix for Valentines Day

Valentines Day a day celebrated by lovers of all ages around the globe.Romantic dinners,proposals,red roses and getaways are generally part and parcel of Valentines Day but this year this things are different due to Covid19 and we need to become creative on how we celebrate this day safely.

Even as a kid my parents would buy as gifts for this love so we would not feel left out.At school there were always special activities and secret Valentine gifts.When I was in a relationship a few years ago I did have a chat to my then bf about this day and how it had become so business orientated and flowers and gifting should happen randomly, we both agreed but this man living on another continent still made my day special with flowers,chocs and a teddy bear with a cryptic message that I had to figure out.I was blown away by his gesture and honestly I felt so special and loved.

So even though I am a singleton I intend on planning a day of at home spoils for mum and I that include some delish treats and watching Netflix well streaming love.This list is made up of some of my Favourite Love Movies as well as a new one launching on Sunday.My list is a combination of Hollywood and Bollywood movies which as always been apart of my life.


10 Romantic Movies to watch on Netflix :

1.Namaste Wahala -It’s the love story we never knew we needed this Valentine’s Day as Bollywood meets Nollywood in the romantic comedy, Namaste Wahala launching on Netflix on 14 February. Namaste Wahala is a feel-good love story about an Indian man who falls in love with a Nigerian woman. The film follows their journey of falling in love and the challenges that they must overcome in order to be together. Expect a whole lot of humour as we bear witness to the cultural differences between the two families.

As a sucker of Bolloywood love stories I am defo keen to watch this one.

2.Bridget Jones Triology – The ultimate singleton binge watch and very much relatable.I have watched these movies several times over and still love.Think London Christmas,Girlfriends,love story ,chaos and family are just some of what these movies will capture.

3.The Holiday- A Christmas feel good rom com that can be watched all year round.Revolves around two love stories that swap continents and lives and find themselves and love in ways they did not expect.

4.Khoobsurat – A Bollywood movie where a physiotherapist starts a new job as a therapist to a Royal Family.Filled with laughter,the colours of Bollywood and an unexpected love story proving that love happen regardless.

5.Notting Hill – set in the famous Notting Hill is the love story of a bookshop owner and an American actress.Interwined love stories of their circle of friends and  dealing with falling in love with a celeb makes this love story one many dream off….

6.Love Actually – The British seem rather good at making movies with love as a theme.Set during the Festive season this movie follows love as seen by different couples in various stages of relationships.The opening scene is one that will stay with you forever trust me.

7.Layla and Majnun – Initially I thought this was the original story of the starcrossed lovers but instead is a modern take following Layla named after the famous the original story and Samir.An Indonesian story line set in there and in Azerbaijan.Stunning visuals with a great story line.


8.Leap Year- The magic of a leap year and how it is the only time a woman can propose to a man.Set in Ireland filled with beautiful scenery ,a handsome stranger helps an American beauty find her lover before 29th February.A tale of love ,a race to meet a time deadline and love that makes you think about your choices.

9.2 States – A Bollywood RomCom but touches on serious issuses of love marriage/arranged marriage as well as marrying someone not of your family background.A college romance that blossoms and one the parents do not approve of happening.Love,fate and destiny changes everything.

10. Always be my maybe – a cute story line that follows a boy and a girl from childhood into adulthood.Life and love happens when you least expect it.One of those things where home is a person.

Have you watched any of these yet ? Any to add to my list ?

Be Inspired !



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