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5 Romantic Reasons You Should Visit Paris This Month Of Love

5 Romantic Reasons You Should Visit Paris This Month Of Love

Ever since I can remember as a kid I always wanted to visit London and Paris.Paris was always a city of romance and the French the language of love.Fast forward a few years later I moved to London,started my first teaching job and booked my first holiday to Paris the city of romance.

Excited beyond measure I could not wait to see,taste and feel Paris.The trip was a short one but included 2 days in Disneyland Paris talk about feeling like a kid again ! And then a quick sight seeing tour around the city.A quick trip but memories to last a lifetime and the hope of returning someday with the keeper of my heart.


Ooh la la! It is a well-known fact that Paris is embraced as the world’s city of love. One imagines the city filled with couples walking down the street holding hands or enjoying a scrumptious meal while being serenaded with the romantic sounds of the accordion. With its picturesque views, vibrant arts and culture scene, famous landmarks and delicious food, Paris continues to be one of the most popular tourist destinations in the world. As Valentine’s Day creeps up, here are five reasons why you should surprise your significant other with a trip to Paris during the month of love.

Valentine’s Day Is A Big Deal In Paris

Much like the Christmas markets bring a festive feel to winter around Europe, Valentine’s Day is an experience in itself in Paris. Restaurants, hotels and other hotspots go all out ensuring you celebrate love in the most romantic way possible. Book a dinner cruise on the Seine, enjoy an unforgettable evening at one of Paris’ most popular cabaret shows or even pop the question under the Eiffel Tower and make this Valentine’s Day one to remember.

Paris It’s Easily Accessible

Paris is one of the easiest European destinations to reach from South Africa. Air France offers direct flights from Johannesburg and Cape Town to Paris. This means that the city of love can be reached by a daily flight from Johannesburg and four times per week from Cape Town. Connections from other cities within South Africa are also available.South African passport holders require a Schengan Visa to visit.

It’s A Foodie’s Paradise in Paris

Food plays a big part in Paris’ romantic setting and if you’re a foodie, a trip to Paris is bound to awaken your senses. From fresh baguettes to French onion soup, perfectly cooked snails and indulging in decadent macarons or flaky croissants, Paris is a destination any culinary fanatic needs to tick off their list. What makes the city even more special is its café culture which promotes romance as diners pair their meals with a fine wine, a beautiful soundtrack and romantic setting.


Romantic Activities Are A Plenty in Paris

Paris seems almost tailormade to create magical moments between you and your loved one with a string of unforgettable activities to raise the romance in your relationship. A trip up the Eiffel Tower gives you the best views of the city while a visit to Disneyland Paris opens up the possibility of exploring your more adventurous side. You can visit the famous Louvre museum and see sculptures and paintings that were inspired by some of the world’s greatest love stories or simplify things by enjoying a pastry while listening to musicians play the accordion on the street or get lost in the city’s Tuileries Garden.


Shop Up A Storm in Paris

Coincidentally, Paris is also the fashion capital of the world and many high-end fashion brands have made the city their headquarters. The famous Golden Triangle of Paris, made up of the Champs Elysées, Avenue Georges V and Avenue Montaigne, has an array of stores which harbour the perfect gift options to spoil your loved one. Sabbia Rosa, a boutique full of sensuous and very special lingerie, has become a famous stop for couples looking to celebrate their love and with an array of designer brands, diamond stores and everything in between, this area of the city has your shopping needs sorted.

Is Paris the Romantic City  on your Bucketlist? Let me know.

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