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21 Things to do at home during Corona Virus Lock Down

21 Things to do at home during Corona Virus Lock Down

As of midnight last night ,26 March 2020 South Africa is on a lockdown because of the Corona Virus outbreak.This Corona outbreak has affected literally every continent of the world and many have lost their lives.

The Corona Virus started in China late last year and has spread to over 100 counteries in a short period of time.Last Sunday ,South African President started putting measures into place to stop the rapid spread of the Corona Virus.With that has now come a 21 day National Lockdown of South Africa.Only essential services are in place ,only food stores and pharamacies are open with strict hygiene measures in place.Public and private transport has measures put into place with essential workers needing to have paperwork for them to be on the roads.The police and army have been deployed all over South Africa to maintain the lockdown.

South Africans have been told to stay home and limit the time they leave their homes.Today is Day 1 of the Corona Virus Lockdown but many South Africans are not taking this Lockdown seriously.

Corona Virus Tips :

1.Wash your hands with soap and water several times a day.

2.Stay at home !

3.Limit your visits unless for food or meds.

4.Wear a mask and gloves if going out.

5.Stay inside your own home and do not visit your neighbours.

6.Increase your vitamin intake with supplements and fresh fruit and vegetables.

7.Keep your home clean and tidy.

8.Be kind and considerate to others around you.

9.In times like these we need to check up on our friends and family.Technology has made life easier with video and zoom calls.Stop sending forwarded messages rather a personal checking in message.

There are many more tips and I am sure you have atleast 10 more to add here please do in the comment section below.Schools have been closed since last week and people are already mentioning the dread B word yip Bored ! As I am a lecturer I too have been home and trust me there is so much to do.My blog post today is about 21 Things to do at home during Corona Virus Lockdown and over next few days I will be sharing more content so make sure you have subscribed.

21 Things to do during Lockdown  :

1.Sleep ,with us all leading insanely busy lives,we find that we often work late into the night and have early mornings.If you are like me you might have a problem sleeping.So now is the perfect time to switch off your alarm,wake up later and have a siesta in the middle of the afternoon.Catching up on sleep does wonders for the body.

2.Read,I love books and reading but never find enough time to read.My to read pile is growing and I am hoping to read 5 books atleast during lockdown and listen to a few audio books as well.On my wishlist this year is a kindle yes am finally convinced I need to move to digital as it makes more sense..Check out this list of travel inspired books to read.

3.Declutter your home and cupboards.If you are Indian ,you know only too well that in an Indian home there is no time to rest as your Mother will find a million things for you to be occupied.Luckily for me having a week at home already I did most things but still need to clear out my clothing.I gave away 13 pairs of shoes most brand new ! Note to myself is to stop shopping and save for travelling.Cleaning and getting rid of unwanted items is very healing and good exercise as well.

4.Cooking for your loved ones.I love cooking it is one of the things my Gran thought me from a young age.In an Indian home heartbeat of the home is the kitchen and the love language is clearly food ! I am spending time trying out new dishes and making meals packed with spices and nutrients to boost our immune system.The online store YuppieChef has launched their cooking lessons with local chefs online for free ,so no time like the present to get cooking.I was gifted mealkits by the local Durban company TasteBox who deliver you 3 mealkits for the week with all the ingredients which is great in limiting food wastage and meals can be swapped for veg options.

5.Adult Colouring yes this is a thing ! and it was something I used to do and stopped.Just the other day while cleaning I found two new colouring books and picked up some colour pencils last week.There are digital colouring books that one can access online on your phone so check out your app store.Local Durban author Shubnum Khan the darling who wrote Onion Tears has sketched the most beautiful downloads for you to colour for free so you best download them as they are free for a limited period only.

6.I love visiting Museums as they have such amazing displays and artifacts from history.Well you can now go online on a virtual free museum tour of some pretty interesting places around the globe.My favourites are the V&A and the British Museum links to my other life in London.

7.Meditation another useful tool to help you keep calm during the lockdown.Popular self help Guru Jay Shetty has a free online meditation program with him go check it out because I am tomorow.

8.Home DIY now is the perfect time to beautify and organise your home.Check out pinterest for ideas.

9.Set up an office space or work area for you to get things done.I started working on my balcony and my table has a pretty cloth and I get to not get distracted.

10.Support local bloggers by reading and sharing their blogs.Shante Hutton has an incredible list of bloggers for you to follow and read up on her blog,go check it out.

11.Catch up watching all those movies and series you never got around to watching.Be kind and share your Netflix login with a friend who does not have it.I share my brother’s login on the Dstv App and do not binge watch but rather select a few shows to watch.I just found out that ShowMax has an incredible special 3 months for only R149 now that is cheap go check them out.I love Travel and Food themed movies make sure you check out my favourites linked above.

12.Study online something new.There are several online places online that are free like Google and Educonnect which have so much online for you to pick.

13.Doing some exercise in your home is just as important.And I repeat inside your home.Check out this blog on the various apps you can use to help you keep fit.

14. Pamper Time now is the perfect time to put on those facemasks , get a pedi done,an indulgent bubble bath,oil your hair.Perfect timing as you will not be getting any visitors.

15.Put on some of your favourite music tracks and dance ! Great mood changer and exercise.

16.Make meal times special by cooking with the family and sitting down to eat together.Mum and I have started afternoon Tea on the balcony.In an Indian home afternoon Tea at 3pm is an actual thing something I have grown up with and still do myself.We have a variety of teas and coffees for us to try something different each day today was a lil chilly so indoor coffee time.

17.Start a gratitude journal and write down 5 things you are grateful for everyday.

18.Play board and card games with your family but be warned Monopoly always ends in a fight.Start a puzzle together all these are great for bonding.I am keen to learn how to play UNO 13 different ways.

19.Learn a new language ,they say 21 days is the perfect time to learn something so why not try another language.I fancy learning some French so will be looking for an app tomorow.

20.Take part in an online challenge and discover new content.Check out the challenges below :


21.If you do not want to do anything it is quiet OK.And yes wearing pjs all day and changing into another pair before bed is also OK.

Dear World,

Last night I went to bed knowing that life as I knew it would no longer be the same when I woke up this morning.I woke up later ,the world seemed quieter and sombre like we were alone.

For the last two weeks I have stayed home and ventured out twice only for food and meds and nor seeing anyone expect my Mum who lives with me and my bro when he drops off supplies downstairs.I was ok for the last two weeks but today it all seems surreal Iike I am living in a dream.The numbers keep rising and still my people are not taking the situation seriously.And the possibilty of 21 Day Lockdown been extended is a reality with much stricter conditions

As a traveller,I have friends all over the world hearing their stories and seeing their visuals I am afraid.South Africa is going to really struggle in so many areas with this pandemic.This is going to change lives forever.The reality of knowing that people I know might be affected saddens me and closer to home I worry about my Mum and Brother because they are all I have.

Tonight I go to bed with a heavy heart knowing that everything will be different forever.I hope and pray you and your loved ones stay safe.My throat feels sore and suddenly all the symptoms I think I have mind over matter I guess.Tomorow is another day and I hope it will be a better one.

Be Inspired!



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