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6 Foodie Movies that leave you hungry

We all love watching a good movie with a good storyline and our favourite eye candy in it. How about watching a movie about what you love ? In my case I love Food and Travel so watching these genres of movies are defo food for my hungry mind and feed my wanderlust. There is a warning when watching any of the movies listed below : MAKE SURE YOU HAVE SNACKS ON HAND.
6 Foodie Movies :

  1. Eat Pray Love

Eat Pray Love
Julia Roberts plays a woman who decides to end her marriage and go on a journey of discovery and food for her soul. Set in three beautiful locations of the world Italy ( Eat) , India ( Pray) and Bali (Love). Watching Elizabeth aka Julia Roberts eating bowls of Pasta and Gelato leave once instantly hungry and craving all the things she goes searching for in this movie. Based on the Best selling book of the same name this movie must be seen.
2) Chef
With food trucks and Social Media all the things that are currently in, it is not surprising that this Foodie movie caught my attention. Stuck in a dead end job killing his creativity Chef Casper after a Twitter war with a food critic he packs in his job and heads to Miami where he decides to fix up a beaten up food truck. Chef Casper decides to make and serve the foods he loves and makes a trip across Los Angeles with his son and friend. Stopping of at various places they use local ingredients in their sandwiches. Instantly they gain a following and it is all because of Social Media. Makes me want to buy a Food Truck and go on a roadtrip.
3) Chocolat
Just the title of this movie makes one start to crave Chocolate but wait there is still the gorgeous Johnny Depp providing a dose of eye candy. Vianne and her gorgeous illegitimate daughter are travellers and set up home in a small conservative French town just before lent. Using her skills as an expert chocolatier ,Vianne opens a Chocolate Shop causing a rift in the town. Find how Vianne’s journey of love and finding a place to call home. The movie is based on a popular book by the same name  by Joanne Harris.
4) Burnt
Just looking at the poster image for this movie who can resist that gorgeous face. This movie follows the rise and fall of Michelin Star Chef Adam. Along the way Adam loses the plot and turns to drugs. He decides to make a comeback into the world of food and go for this third Michelin star in London. Follow the journey of this chef with a love story added for good measure.
5) Julie & Julia
Julie & Julia
I must admit before watching this movie in 2009 I had never heard of Julia Child and this totally embarrasses me to no end. A young lady in a dead end job decides to spend one year cooking all 524 recipes from Julia Child’s cookbook Mastering the Art of French Cooking. Julie decides to start a blog and record her progress. Viewers then are taken back in France in the 1950s and find out about who Julia Child really is. This movie is fantastic on so many levels make sure you have lots of snacks when watching.
6) The Hundred Foot Journey
The hundred foot journey
A quirky movie that follows the Kadam family and their dream of introducing Indian food to the West. As asylum seekers the family starts of in London but then move to France to explore the food scene. Imagine the French and their response to Indian cookery. A feud of restaurants occur ,with a romance  infused into the mix. This is a great example of East meets West.
Each of these movies I have watched several times over and each time I learn something else. I am very inspired to get into the kitchen and cook after watching these movies. These movies are defo food for my soul. Have you watched any of these Foodie Movies? Any suggestions for me ?
Be Inspired !
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