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What's in my Beach Bag ?

Living in the beautiful city of Durban in South Africa means that we have sunshine 98% of the time. Even though it is winter at the moment the sun is still shining and people are out and about.
Durban Beach
Yes ! this means we can still go to the beach and it is common to find families venturing out for a picnic at the beach. The warm winter sunshine makes it perfect for catching some of the sunshine. From a young age Mum has always warned me of using Sunblock always especially in winter as the rays of the winter sun is just as harmful to the skin.
verushka - what's in my beach bag ?
These things one would find in my bag all seasons and most of the time :

  1. A floppy hat – always needed and packed when I am travelling. I bought a rather gorgeous hat which is very much like a “Sex in the City” hat.

Floppy Hat
2) Sunblock – another must have and I generally buy one with a SPF of 50. Surprisingly enough I do get sunburnt so prevention is better than cure.
3) My phone – my mobile phone is literally like an attachment to me. Besides the usual functions of calls and emails I love taking pictures and sharing my images on instagram.( are you following me ? http://www.instagram.com/verushka143 .
I often use my phone to blog and am addicted to Social Media. Phones these days are used for listening to music ( no ipod needed) ,reading (no need to carry a book) and playing games (no need for a gaming device).
Samsung S6
4) A good book – I am rather old fashioned when it comes to reading and still prefer reading a hard copy. I simply can not get into reading digital books. While living in London, I got used to always carrying a book in my handbag and this is a habit I still do.

My current read
My current read

5) Tested sunglasses – always in my bag often a good way to hide behind dark shades. Easy way to watch that hottie on the beach without looking like a stalker.
So these are the items that are found in my beach bag but let’s talk about the bag I use to keep all my bits and pieces safe. A few years ago I came across the Lou Harvey Range of bags and instantly I fell in love and wanted every single bag.
Lou Harvey Bags
From the range I bought the Beach Bag and the Russian Doll pencil case. I was gifted the makeup bag by a fellow blogger. So besides how gorgeous the prints are on these bags there are very durable and waterproof. To my surprise, I found out that these bags were the brainchild of a local Durban beautiful lady called Lou Harvey. Her range include nappy bags ,backpacks ,purses and lunch boxes. The range can be now found in various parts of the world. For more info on the range check out http://www.louharvey.co.za
Currently I got my eye on this beautiful animal print backpack. Having never owned a backpack ,this gorgeous animal print would be the one. Backpacks are great for travelling and hand luggage.
Lou Harvey - Backpack
I found this beach packing guide rather useful.So what do you keep in your beach bag ?
Be Inspired !
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