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Jambo September !

I barely got used to writing August and then September arrived rather unexpected. September arriving so suddenly surprised me but made me realise how much closer we are to 2016 ending. I feel that there is still so much I need to do and I do not have enough days and hours left.
Jambo September
Jambo is the word used in Kenya to say Hello. My “real job” is that of a Travel and Tourism lecturer and this semester I am teaching my students about Africa and the Indian Islands. Like every country of the world Kenya is rather fascinating.

10  Interesting Facts :

  1. Kenya is known as the jewel of East Africa.
  2. There is a population of 30.5 million with more than 120 Ethnic groups.
  3. The central plateau is the habitat for the largest and most varied collection of mammals anywhere in the world.
  4. 1200 Bird species have been recorded.
  5. Swahili is the official language and there are over 42 ethnic languages.
  6. Tea and coffee are grown in Kenya.
  7. Kenya is one of Africa’s largest manufacturing sector.
  8. The sale of souvenirs made of wildlife skin including reptiles and shells are forbidden.
  9. One tenth of all land in Kenya is designated as national parks and reserves.
  10. Kenya is home to 6 marine parks in the Indian Ocean.

Dear September .

Jambo ! and welcome to my world.With you, you have brought Spring a season for new beginnings and growth both in Mother Nature and in me. September you are rather special to me as this month marks the start of the very auspicious Hindu fast of Purtassi, which I will be writing more about later in the month.
I am looking forward to exploring locally this month starting this weekend.Make sure you are following me on Instagram @verushka143 to see what the girls and I get up to at Gwahumbe Game Lodge and Spa. Later this month I will be heading off to the Midlands/Drakensberg with a group of Durban Bloggers on a KZN Educational Trip. As I have never been to these areas before I am super keen to explore as well as catch up with fellow bloggers.
Last month was a weird month for me with me having some cloudy days but I got through the stormy weather. I took some timeout and refocused and thus changed my plan of action.I can see the results of my new plan but it is still early days.

September Action Plan

  1. Make time for me to read.
  2. Eat healthy and drink more water.
  3. Focus on writing 4 blog posts a month.
  4. Get enough sleep.
  5. Work on increasing my stats on all my social media platforms.
  6. Spend time with loved ones.
  7. Watch a Bollywood movie.
  8. Get my #DomesticGoddess mode back.
  9. Stay on task with marking.
  10. Experience atleast one new thing this month.

So September ,I am wishing for days filled with more sunshine than clouds,laughter and awesome experiences. September all your sisters before you have been rather kind to me and no doubt you to will be the same.
Do you have any plans for September ?
Be Inspired !
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