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Do you eat Breakfast when you travel?

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day. But often due to our hectic lifestyles we tend to neglect this meal time. The only time I actually eat Breakfast is when I am travelling.
My “real job” as a Lecturer of Travel and Tourism means I start work at 12 midday and finish at 8pm. So this means my meal patterns and times are totally messed up. So most times I have Brunch or grab a smoothie before heading off to work.
Even fast food outlets and every eatery now offer some sort off breakfast menu to encourage people to start the day off with all the nutrients. In some parts of the world they offer an all day breakfast menu while most places offer this till 11am only.

Why is it important to eat Breakfast when you travel ?

  1. Sets you up for the day.
  2. Gives you energy.
  3. Feeds your body after a night’s sleep.
  4. Aids in general health well being.
  5. Keeps you in a better mood.

When I travel like I mentioned earlier I always eat breakfast. The main reason is that you are on the go and sometimes lunch is several hours later. Each country around the world has traditional and typical breakfasts. Some breakfasts are rather simple or over the top extravagant with ice cream on the menu. I tend to stay away from the cereal and yoghurt and head straight to a hot breakfast. Cutting down on carbs mean I try to eat more protein in my diet.Eating more protein means I am full for longer.I often grab some fruit as I leave breakfast for later incase I become peckish.
When I travel I enjoy sampling local meal options as I truly feel one can only experience a culture through their food. Below are a list of some of the breakfasts I have enjoyed which are now favourites of mine.

5 Breakfasts from around the Globe : 

1) A full English Breakfast
This is typical English Breakfast often called a fry up. It is a full meal which includes Bacon,Eggs,Sausage,Mushroom,Grilled Tomato,Baked Beans,Black Pudding and toast washed down with loads of hot tea. Also known as Builder’s Breakfast this very fulling meal is served all day at pubs and cafes. According to the different regions they would add their regional speciality produce to the meal. Brown sauce is a favourite to eat with this breakfast. Also known to be the best way to cure a hangover.

Image taken from Wikipedia
Image taken from Wikipedia

2) Middle Eastern Shakshuka
A very popular Middle Eastern dish of a spiced Tomato sauce and poached ages.A meal that differs regionally and one of my firm favourites which I make my own version of Shakshouka my way .
Shakshouka from The Winston Hotel
3) Masala Dosa from India
Every region in India has their own traditional breakfast dishes. This dish is from Kerala which is a popular breakfast choice in South India. It is a paper thin pancake filled with a curry potatoes filling served with 2 to 3 dipping sauces.
Masala Dosa
4) American Breakfast
During my #ExploreWC trip #ExploreWC with the 2 Girls one of the places we stayed at was in the beautiful seaside area of Gordon’s Bay. When travelling one often forgets the date and at Breakfast I was thrilled to find an American Breakfast on the menu. Having ever only seen this on TV I was keen to sample this delight. After ordering did I realise that it actually was the 4th July and how appropriate this breakfast was. French Toast with fried bananas topped with crispy bacon and maple syrup.
American Breakfast
5) Continental Breakfast
When travelling through Europe it is common to be served a Continental Breakfast. This is a cold breakfast as such which includes various cheeses ,cold meats ,fruit ,pastries and coffee or tea. In comparison to a Full English this breakfast is much lighter. Often I pick fruit and a pastry to carry with me as I wonder along my tours.
Continental Breakfast
What has been the most amazing breakfast you have eaten ?
Be Inspired !
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33 thoughts on “Do you eat Breakfast when you travel?

  1. I love traditional Japanese breakfasts, especially the elaborate ones served in high end ryokans. There are lots and lots of tiny dishes of all sorts – grilled fish, tamago, pickles, rice, soup, fruit and my favourite is when you are given a burner with a bowl of soy milk on top, and as it cooks, it solidifies into tofu which you can take out using a mesh spoon, dip in sauce and eat warm and fresh!

  2. I try to eat breakfast every day but sometimes, there are days where I don’t eat traditional breakfast. Due to having a crazy schedule sometimes, I just eat whatever is in the fridge from the night before since I do not have time to cook. Sometimes, I get a traditional American breakfast somewhere else. Great share on some breakfast foods from different parts of the world. Hope you’re well 🙂 Try to eat breakfast as much as you can!
    Ron | Nearby Wanderer

  3. As a British person I actually don’t like English breakfasts (they’re too heavy and greasy) however if I am going to eat breakfast it’s usually a smoothie, porridge or a bagel =^.^=

  4. Loved this post – I’m a big breakfast fan, especially over the weekend when I have time to sit and relax. I usually make porridge or order eggs with smoked salmon if we’re out. I’ve never tried the Middle Eastern Shakshuka but it seems similar to Turkish menemen – looks delicious.

  5. Turkish eggs – poached and under a layer of yoghurt with a touch of spice on top makes a fabulous breakfast. Another Turkish dish called menemen of tomatoes, peppers and eggs is also good. Great round up of my favourite meal of the day.

  6. I can´t leave the house without breakfast! you are so right, it is most important. If I treat myself for breakfast, I usually get croissants with cream cheese and jam and a big Latte.

  7. I love Shakshuka but recently on a trip to Sri Lanka I was introduced to Hoppas. A very thin crispy bowl shaped pancake made with rice flour often with an egg cooked in the bottom. Top this with a little dhal, sambal and chilli – the perfect start to the day. GG

  8. I also love having a very big and nice breakfast when travelling. Most probably because I find it already prepared and I can just pick, sit and enjoy, But most of the time I try to eat well at home too, especially during weekends when I have more time.

  9. I’m not a big fan of eggs, so a lot of breakfasts just don’t work for me. I remember ordering in NYC though and thinking that yoghurt and melon would be nice. They were both on the menu separately. When they arrived I had a WHOLE melon filled with fruit and enough yoghurt to sink a battleship! American portion sizes can be huge!

  10. I’m guilty as charge! I always neglect breakfast because of rushing from work, and yes my day is always that not good. It is my favorite meal of the day! So when I got a chance to spend my full breakfast, honestly I spend like an hour up to 2 or maybe 3 hours just enjoying my breakfast, along with my fresh brewed coffee, and the morning paper. 🙂

  11. I like to think that I can skip breakfast and be ok about it, but I have a colleague that can take one look at me in the morning and knows with 100% accuracy if I have eaten or not. I don’t know how she does it. I swear I can be totally spunky and in a great mood and she will nail it. Every. Single. Time. Breakfast is important. And just a quick shout out to Masala Dosa <3

  12. having those breakfasts are so important and good to know there are important benefits for them, i like the continental breakfast on the list up there.

  13. This is so true! For me, Breakfast is the only meal I truly enjoy. It makes me feel better after a short nigh sleep and I only go for the vegan one aka oats! The best one was the one I got from a Café in Tel Aviv called Xoho Café! It was delicious!

  14. Eggs. Hell no. Beans? Definitely no.
    I enjoyed eating Soto ayam soup in Solo, Indonesia. I usually eat breakfast, both at home and during travels.

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