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Travel Movies to inspire your Wanderlust

Travel Movies to inspire your Wanderlust

I love watching movies but not often
do I get the chance to go to the cinema and watch a new release. So more often than not I end up watching movies on TV or on my flights. As  a kid I recall watching movies like James Bond and Indiana Jones and how in awe I was of this amazing places in the world where these heroes would head off too.

Bollywood movies are a firm favourite of mine and more than often the music scenes and some movies are shot in various exotic  locations around the world.I am mildly obessed with all things British so any movie set in the UK especially London becomes a firm favourite of mine. With passions in food and travel , it is no surprise that several of my all time favourite movies are a combination of food and travel.Read more here
Watching a movie captures your imagination and takes you to places you have never been causing a serious case of Wanderlust.Every time I watch a movie that feeds my wanderlust my Travel Bucket List is getting longer.There following are a list of some of my favourite travel  movies that feed my Wanderlust and I may or may not have watched them several times. So check out my list of travel movies and see the world through my eyes.

Travel movies that inspire Wanderlust :

  • The Secret Life of Walter Mitty – Greenland/Iceland

    A story of an ordinary man who heads of on an extra ordinary adventure to find a photography and find a missing negative on a photo reel. Throw in a love story this movie is one really amazing travel adventure and you should defo watch it.Beautiful nature scenes from Greenland and Iceland make one add them to your bucketlist.

  • Zindagi Na Milegi Dobra – Spain

    For years Bollywood has had a fascination with Europe and shooting parts of the movie there.But this movie is not like the rest as most of it is set in Spain.Friendship,love,the past and life are explored in the movie while the boys travel through Spain in a gorgeous classic car.The story line follows the road trip of three friends as they embark on a trip to celebrate one of the trio’s upcoming wedding.Beautiful sights and sounds are featured in the movie including The Running of the Bulls.Ps watch the movie with English subtitles if like me you do not understand Hindi.

  • The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel – India

A beautifully set story in India that follows the life of a group of retired British people , who head to India to spend the rest of their days at the Best Exotic Marigold Hotel. Everything is not as the brochure suggests. A story filled with life lessons , embracing change and the beauty of India a country that one eventually has a love/hate relationship with.

  • Sex in the City 2 – Abu Dhabi

    Sex in the City is famously known for it’s fashion as it follows the lives of a group of friends through various life crisis. I totally find myself thinking I am Carrie Bradshaw. So when this movie sequel came out instantly I fell in love with this movie as I have a fascination with the UAE. The movie follows the ladies as they head off to Abu Dhabi as the guest of a wealthy business man. The opulent lifestyle of the UAE is showcased including the Desert Safaris , shopping in the Souks , as well as some romance along the way. As per usual there is a drama and the discovery of an underground network and the beauty of sisterhood bound by the love of all things designer.Before heading off to Abu Dhabi , I watched this movie again and it

  • Salmon Fishing in the Yemen – Yemen /

    This is one of those movies where I read the book before the movie and when the movie came out I was not too sure how it would compare to the book.The book was a fantastic read about a Sheikh from Yemen who wanted to started farming Salmon in the desert against all odds.Set in Scotland and Yemen the story is beautifully done with a twist in the tale and a bit of Romance.

  • Mamma Mia – Greece

    Once simply can not see the title and start humming to the title song.This movie is based on the west end musical which is based on the music of the Swedish Band Abba.Set on one of the gorgeous Greek islands a wedding is to take place but the bride is longing to find out who her father is so she invites the 3 men mentioned in her mother’s diary.A comedy of errors in a gorgeous location and a fantastic soundtrack make this movie such a feel good option.And yes you will be singing along to the soundtrack.

  • Letters to Juliet – Italy

    Italy is known as the country of love and this movie the town of  star crossed lovers plays centre stage.Throw in a few different love stories ,a mission to find a lost love ,an unexpected love story and not forgetting a beautiful road trip makes this another movie that inspires one to visit Italy.

  • Notting Hill – London

    Set in the vibrant spot of Notting Hill, an unlikely love story starts in a small travel book shop.Two strangers meet fall in love but life has other plans but in the end love wins.Great views of London and not forgetting the fact that Hugh Grant plays the lead character.

  • PS I love you – Ireland/

    A story that follows an Irish/American couple filled with love letters.A dying man’s wish to send his wife to discover Ireland through his eyes.Tear jerker without a doubt but beautiful scenery of Ireland makes you want to pick up and go.Love,Life and friendships are the core of this movie.

  • Life of Pi – India / Pacific

    I read the book before watching this movie and loved the descriptions of Pondicherry.Pondicherry , is a charming state in India that the French have left mark on. The story is based on a family with a Zoo who are relocating to Canada for a better life.The family travel by ship and Pi has the most amazing adventure that it almost feel unreal.


The Holiday -United Kingdom /LA

This is one of my all time favourite Christmas movies.The movie follows two women as they swap their homes, cars and basically their lives.Both are looking to escape to something out of the ordinary with two different time zones come two different love stories all set around Christmas.From a beautiful snow filled village in UK to the summer loving in LA.Love finds you if you give it a chance regardless of where in the world to run to.

  • The Beach – Thailand

    The movie that defo encouraged all travellers to pack their bags and head off to Thailand to find this paradise.A drama where a young America finds himself in possession of a secret map that leads to a lil bit of heaven in the Gulf of Thailand.Richard finds himself embarking on this journey but shares the map.On finding the island he is met with all sorts of situations ,locals and complicated relationships.Incredibly beautiful location and not forgetting a topless Leonardo for most of the movie.

Watching all of these movies have given me wanderlust from my couch and increased by Bucket List to add a few more places.Sometimes travel is not always possible for several reasons so why not watch one of these movies and escape for some time.What are your favourite travel movies ?
Be Inspired !

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