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A guide of FREE things to do in London

A guide of FREE things to do in London

My love affair with the beautiful city of London will never end. Having spent several years living and working there it has become my “other home”. A place where I grew up , fell in love got my heartbroken and met some pretty amazing people who have become my other family with whom I got to share special days with.

Often I have written about my adventures in London and why I miss this city so much 10 Things I miss about London. Several of my friends and family when planning their holidays often ask me for tips and advice so hence I decided to put together this lil guide to London. Travelling to London can be expensive check out this guide on things to do with kids on a budget is really useful for everyone to have a read.

5 Travel Tips for London :

  1. Invest in comfortable walking shoes as you will be walking loads (perfect workout)
  2. Buy an Oyster card for getting about  a weekly one is better and gives you   unlimited travel on buses, trains and   tubes. And is value for money.
  • 3. Always carry an umbrella in your bag winter or summer as there are    sudden downpours. I invested in a long   waterproof coat with a hood
    4 Never push in , as everyone here stands in a line.
    5. There are newspapers and magazines at the Tube stations which are free pick them up for daily bargains and events. Reading while travelling is something everyone does. The British love reading.

    FREE THINGS to do in London

    Living or going on holiday in London can be very expensive , but there are so many Free attractions to visit that all you really need your travel card to get you there and a packed picnic lunch.

  1. Greenwich Park– this is such an amazing park and area to visit .It has little cobblestone streets , with alleyways filled with old-fashioned shops. It’s also the home of the Greenwich Meridian line which is worth the walk up the hill as the view is amazing. This park is visited all year round and is such a fab place to chill in makes you think you are not even in a city. The old-fashioned sweet shop is a sweet lovers paradise filled with endless jars of sweet treats packed for you into candy stripped bags. My other favorite shops here include the fab bookshops and a Milkshake shop that makes 101 different milkshakes from every chocolate to biscuit to candy(.Greenwich is also home to the very interesting Maritime Museum which houses some fab artifacts and is free and often pirates can be found roaming in this museum.)
  • 2. Science Museum – another free and fantastic place to visit for both young and old. Interesting and interactive displays with 3D and 4D activities . Educational but definitely not boring.
    3. The V & A Museum is another place I lose track of time from the Roman , Greek and Japanese rooms the sizes of these artifacts are mind-blowing and take one back in time. My other fav place here is the Architecture floor with models , floor plans and stories of most London famous buildings and buildings around the world. Often there are special exhibits.
    4. China Town is another place that is filled with colour , interesting smells and bustle that makes you think you are in China. Even the street names here are written in Chinese so authentic. From eateries to supermarkets selling authentic Chinese products these are such interesting places to explore. The Chinese New Year is celebrated with much grandeur here.
    5. Harrods  is a defo must see for shopaholics and all those just wanting to see products which most of us average joes can’t afford. This store is beautiful and one can easily get lost just looking at all the fab products, each floor is for a specific type of products. My favorite floor is the food court with the most amazing selection of fruit, vegetables , fish and meat from around the world . It’s a foodie heaven. Though the store is expensive one can buy a few lil treats of yummy morsels, candy , bags and aprons to take home as gifts from your travels.
    6. National portrait Museum is filled with beautiful works off art. A great way to spend a rainy day in London.
    7. Green Street situated in London’s east end makes one feel as if you are in India. Streets lined with food,clothing and jewellery stores with blaring Indian Bollywood music makes for an interesting afternoon walk.
    8. Free walking tours can be found all over London. A booking needs to be made although it is free. Check out
    9. Neasden Temple situated in North London is a beautiful  Hindu Temple which is the largest temple outside of India.
    10. Edgeware Road situated in central London just off the hustle and bustle of Oxford Street. On entering this road one feels as if they have entered into a different world with all things Arabic from food ,fashion and music. Read about A walk down Edgeware Road.
    Here is a really useful London Guide.
    I hope I have given you a little insight into the London I have started a passionate love affair with and the city that has given me a mild addiction for all things British.
    Before you travel do you research your destination ? ask fellow travellers or do you just wing it when you get there ?

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