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Confessions of a Sneaker Addict

Confessions of a Sneaker Addict

Hello everyone , I am Verushka and I am a sneaker addict.My addiction is fairly recent and started in February of this year.I buy sneakers and hide them in my handbag.

After a media trip that January to Dubai I realised I needed to change the shoes I wore for several reasons.My trip was 48 hours and it was so much of walking and literally go go go.I literally jumped off my plan got to my hotel ,showered and left in two hours.By 9pm that evening my feet were swollen,on fire and I could barely walk and our Day 1 was still not over.The kind folk who hosted us for dinner brought me some slippers.On return to the hotel that night I had to put my feet into cold water to calm the burning and elevated it that night.The next day was pretty much the same as Day 1 and it was go times 5.We returned to our hotel that evening at midnight and with early morning flights we had to be up at the crack of dawn.This really did not help my poor feet and this was when I realised I needed to change my shoes and go down the sneaker route.
The very next day of returning home I headed to the shops and bought my first pair of Nike sneakers and that is what started my sneaker addiction.I wanted sneakers that were lightweight,funky,and breathable.It was only after my realisation of needing these that I noticed everyone wearing sneakers of every kind.Like a kid in a candy shop I would walk into a store and head straight to the sneakers department.My obessession meant that I was now wearing sneakers for work as I am constantly on my feet and running around and this in turn affected my dress sense to casual/sporty.

Why do I love sneakers?

  • They are super comfy.
  • Give me much-needed support.
  • Perfect for work.
  • They brighten up wardrobe.
  • Last for ages.
  • No more swollen feet.
  • No slipping as my sneakers have great grip.
  • So versatile as I even team my sneakers with my dresses.

So when the folk at Superbalist asked me to collaborate with them I was rather excited.Superbalist is an online store that has a wide variety of fashion for both men and women with something to suit all tastes and some are rather fashionable.The team asked me to pick my top 5 sneakers for Summer.Instantly I knew I wanted them to be a pop of colour,eye-catching,lightweight and would fit with my existing wardrobe.

My Top 5 Sneakers for Summer


I feel in love with this pair because of the unusual design and the colours remind me of a rainbow.This is a perfect addition to any collection and how can you not love a Chuck Taylor.

This pair is rather snazzy. Red is a great colour for any wardrobe.I love the shiny uppers they take this pair to another level.The platform heel is also great to give me some added height.

The pop of pink on this pair of Nike sneakers is utterly gorgeous. I have tried this pair on in store and loved how lightweight this pair is.

ROSE GOLD omgosh besides Pink this is one of my favourite colours and I own lots of things in Rose Gold so this would be a perfect addition to my sneaker collection.

And no lust oops I meant list of mine would be complete without a pink pair of sneakers.I rather like this pair a lot as I love the darker shades of pink.The stripes stand out against the pink.
Which do you like out of my top 5 ?

Checklist for the perfect sneaker :

  • Always try on a sneaker on to find your correct size.Some sneakers are wider cuts and some are rather narrow which require you to take a bigger size.
  • Know what purpose you are buying your sneakers for.In the case of a runner specific sneakers are required while in my case I just need casual ones as mine are not for sports.
  • Design and style must suit your fashion sense and be practical to fit in with your wardrobe.
  • The weight is very important for packing purpose when one is travelling and also not to put pressure on your feet.
  • Do not try on sneakers when you feet are swollen and always make sure you carry a pair of socks when trying them on.
  • Walk around with your sneakers on to see how your feet feel in them.

Why shop for sneakers on Superbalist ?

  • A wide variety online including Nike Sneakers and Adidas Original Sneakers.
  • All first time buyers get R250 off their first purchase.
  • No need to leave home and head to the busy malls.
  • Superbalist has apps for both Android and Apple.
  • 500 of the world’s most wanted brands at the best prices.
  • Free of charge delivery to your door.
  • The option to upgrade to next day delivery.
  • Different payment options to suit you EFT,Credit Card ,Debit Card , SnapScan ,Mobicred, Discovery Miles and eBucks.
  • products can returned to be either repaired/replaced or credited to your account.
  • no charge on returned products.

Are you a fan of sneakers ?

Be Inspired !
Ps. This post is done in collaboration  with Superbalist BUT as always these are my own opinions and I am a sneaker addict.

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