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How to become a Travel Blogger ?

How to become a Travel Blogger ?

Most people I meet often say “gosh you travel for free so amazing!” and then promptly go on to say “I am going to become a Travel Blogger so I to can travel for free.” Sorry to pop your bubble but nothing is for FREE and there is a lot more that happens behind the scenes than just the pretty  pictures and videos.A blogger is defined as :

blogger is defined as a person who keeps a Web log “blog” who publishes a regular record of their thoughts, opinions, or experiences which is shared on the internet for people to read.

Struggles of a Travel Blogger :

  • Late nights spent working.
  • Editing blog posts.
  • Editing photos.
  • Learning to take better pics.
  • Running out of space of your mobile phone.
  • Learning the technical jargon.
  • Using social media to share your work and create a following.
  • Running out of battery life.
  • Missing out on enjoying a moment because we are busy documenting our travels.
  • Working while everyone else is out partying.
  • Early morning flights.
  • Living out of a suitcase.
  • Juggling deadlines.
  • Chasing up payments.
  • Becoming an accountant.

When I started my blogging journey ,I had no idea what to do and just wrote at that point I did not know much about the blogging world,sponsored posts and SEO.But over time the more time I spent online the more I learnt.I have over the years helped bloggers sharing some of what I learnt along the way and I am by no means an expert as I firmly believe that learning is a life long process.

Perks of becoming a Travel Blogger :

  • The opportunity to become a freelancer.
  • Travel opportunities.
  • Travel blogger friends around the world.
  • Knowledge of the best places,best deals and best things to do.
  • Be able to work remotely.
  • Work with amazing brands like hotels,clothing brands,airlines and luggage companies.
  • Become apart of a travel blogger international community.
  • You see places through different eyes and not that of a typical tourist.
  • Become an expert and a source of reference.
  • Getting paid for your expert knowledge on topics.

The awesome folks at Travelstart spoke to local South African Bloggers and put together this very informative infographic on how to become a Travel Blogger.Do yourself a favour and save this cause I know I will be revisiting this again and again.

My thoughts on becoming a Travel Blogger :

  • Be passionate about your blog and content.
  • Explore locally first.
  • Create an audience that means building numbers on your various social media platforms like Twitter and Instagram.
  • Be humble.
  • Become your brand.
  • Interact with other bloggers and your readers.
  • Write from your experiences.
  • Let your blog be your own voice.
  • Do not copy other be unique.
  • Use original photos or stock images do not use images from Google as this is not legal and you could be charged.There are various stock image sites that are free.
  • Learn about SEO.
  • Read other blogs ,share them and comment on them.
  • Look after yourself while you travel self care is very important to keep you sane.

I collaborated with the folks at Travelstart on this post.Let me know if this post is useful and if you have any questions.
Be Inspired !


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