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My heart beats for an African Adventure

My heart beats for an African Adventure

One of my resolutions  and goals is to be a local tourist and explore more of the African continent.Born in South Africa makes me proudly South African and a unofficial  Ambassador for the land of my birth,I have written several posts on why one should visit South Africa  and if that is not enough check out the Foodie Guide to South Africa to feed your wanderlust.

Having only travelled in South Africa, Swaziland,Mozambique (on a cruise ship) and to the North Africa Tunisia ,I am more determined to explore more of Africa.The continet of Africa is full of culture ,history ,food and music.Each country has their own way of life,customs and rituals which make them so unique and magical.Throughout time various Europeans countries have occupied several parts of the African continent and have left their mark in terms of languages as French is spoken in several countries ,religion ,and architecture.

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So when I came across this Travelstart Quizz I was rather keen to see which African country was top of my Bucket List. I was surprised with the results but it has confirmed several things for me. So I got :


So this is what the quizz had to say about me and my travel match  in Africa :

“You are not interested in the humdrum and mundane. You are drawn to places that ooze magic and mystery, and linger on your skin like the warm touch of a lover. You are captivated by beauty and crave the fierce rhythm of exotic, far-flung worlds where mysterious Bedouin tribes rule the desert and snake charmers rule the trembling streets.

To you, adventure means chasing the twang of strings and smell of spices through old cobbled medinas, discovering secret courtyards and wild mountains that whisper of romance and mystique, and getting lost in the lively energy and conversation of Djemaa el Fna.

It is your adventurous spirit, desire for unique experiences, and profound curiosity about life and people that compel you to travel. You are deeply passionate, enchantingly eccentric, and much like Morocco, anything but ordinary.

          Go explore Morocco

WOW totally love this explanation and it does sum me up very well.Morocco has now moved up to my Top 10 on my BucketList.

After my week in Tunisia ,it confirmed that I was in love with North Africa.So I know I will utterly be smitten with Morocco.

Why had I fallen in love with North Africa ?

1.The food amazingly delicious ,fresh ingredients and well flavoured.
2.The amazing history of the Arabs and the French.
3.The local Berber tribes.
4.The beautiful architecture.
5.Desert Dunes at sunrise and sunset.
6.Listening to the locals speak Arabic made me want to learn how to speak Arabic.
7.The rythmic Arabic music from Cheb Khaled ,Cheb Mami and Natasha Atlas.

Things I want to do in Morocco :

1.Go shopping in the beautiful souks for stunning silver jewellery and spices.
2.Eat Traditional Moroccan foods and lots of it daily followed by gallons of green mint tea.
3.Spend time in the Desert and stay overnight catching a sunset and a sunrise.
4.Go to the leather tannery and buy some beautiful leather bags and shoes.
5.Visit the beautiful places of worship.
6.Stroll the beautiful streets of Chefchaouen and take a million pics on this blue city.
7.Visit a traditional Hammam.
8.Stay in a Riad which is a traditional home.
9.Get my hands done with henna.
10.Go and do a cooking class.

I have a rather long list that goes on and on and on.The Travelstart Quizz really got me spot on and Morocco my African hearts beats for you.Take the quiz and let me know what you get.
Be Inspired !

Ps. This post was done in collaboration with Travelstart BUT I am one of those people who love taking online quizzes.

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