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Spice up your life with Faithful to Nature #Win

Spice up your life with Faithful to Nature #Win

They say “Spice is the variety of life” and it is no wonder why so many explorers fell in love with the spices they found on their voyages of discovery. Coming from an Indian home with an interest in culinary journeys it is no surprise that the SpiceGoddess is obsessed with spices from around the globe. And every trip I take I bring back spices. During my trip to Kerala I discovered a new-found love and appreciation of spices

I can spend hours in a Spice shop browsing the products in the aisles as I am an adventurous cook and eater.One of my happy places in Durban is Spice Emporium which is a beautiful spice store which specialize in Indian spices and ingredients  with a has a quaint Bombay Street Food Cafe

And then I discovered another great online gem in .This online store  boasts a fantastic range of organic and natural spices from around the world. So when the team contacted me about a collaboration I was in Spice  Heaven and started putting together a basket of my  favourite spices.Included in my basket were :

1.Duqqa :

Kishmish Egyptian Duqqa is a nut-based combination of spices traditionally used as dip mix. It is also wonderful on meats and sprinkled over vegetables before roasting. The duqqa dip is made by combining this spice, nut and seed mixture of almonds, roasted sesame seeds, coriander, cumin, pepper, salt, mint and cayenne pepper in a bowl, and then dipping bread into olive oil and then into the bowl of spices. It can also be mixed with some soft cream cheese as a more versatile dip or spread for snack and appetisers.

2.Jerk Seasoning :

Take a tableside trip to the balmy Caribbean with the fragrant and fiery flavours of traditional Jamaican-style of cooking. Eat.Art Spices Caribbean Jerk is an authentic blend of spices from the Caribbean packed with chilli punch, along with fragrant allspice, cinnamon, cayenne, thyme and pepper, that you can rub directly onto your roasts or braai meat or fried meat and poultry. Of course veggies can enjoy this Jamaican treat too. Enjoy the distinctive flavours of the Caribbean with Eat.Art’s non-irradiated specialty spices.

3. Harissa :

Harissa from Eat.Art is a hot chilli spice paste traditional to the Northern regions of Africa that will give your dishes a spicy, aromatic kick. This paste is packed with flavour that will enhance stews, soups and mains and can also be used to marinade fish, meat or veggies, or if you’re bold, spread on toast. This punchy spice includes chilies, garlic, bell peppers, coriander, caraway, paprika oil and mint for loads of exotic flavour from up north to spice up your kitchen. A little goes a long way.

4. Zaataar :

Za’atarr is a herb based spice from the Middle East and popular in many countries in the area, with this combination being a more Lebanese blend. Kishmish Lebanese Za’atarr spice can be used in many ways such as a seasoning in savoury breads and muffins, rubbed into meat or as a simple dip with olive oil. It is very often eaten with breakfast in the Middle East, where it is mixed with olive oil to create a dip that you then take fresh bread and dip it into the Za’atarr and wash it all down with a cup of sweet tea.

5 . Baharat :

Bring exotic middle eastern aromas and fragrances into your culinary explorations with Eat.Art’s Baharat spice blend. This non-irradiated traditional mix of finely ground spices contains no fillers or preservatives and oodles of flavour. Cumin, coriander, paprika, mint cinnamon cardamom and cloves all come together is a quintessential blend of middle eastern tastiness. Season meat and soups and stews or use it to sprinkle as a condiment. Baharat is the Arabic word for spices –  do some spiciness middle eastern style.

6. Malaysian Mild Curry :

This Kishmish Malaysian curry seasoning mix gives your spicy dishes a perfect balance of taste and aroma. This Kishmish combination is made with the herbs coriander, cumin, cinnamon, turmeric, chilli and pepper that create a wonderful mild curry to satisfy even the most discerning taste buds. It is especially lovely for butter chicken dishes, lending a mild Malay flavour that is not too hot. These curry spices not only make for delicious spicy meals, but nutritious ones too, as they each contribute vital nutrients that boost your immune system, fight inflammation and toxin build up.

Why should you include spice into your meals ?

1.Adds flavour and texture.
2. Natural form of medication.
3. They are antioxidants.
4.Contain trace elements and micronutrients which our bodies need.
5. They have antiseptic properties.

The lovely folk at Faithful to Nature ( ), have collaborated with me to spoil one of my readers with a R500 hamper of spices including some of my favourites mentioned above.

How to enter ?

1.This giveaway is only valid for South African readers.
2. Share this blog post on any social media platform.
3.Go to  find 3 spices you would like to try. Then go to the Facebook post of this blog and tell me which 3 spices.
4. Comment on this blog post telling me where you have shared this post.
5. Giveaway ends on the 29th June 2017.
6.There will be one winner only.
Good Luck 🙂
Be Inspired !

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