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Perlé de Jean Pinot Grigio is my latest pink addiction

Perlé de Jean Pinot Grigio  is my latest pink addiction

When I was younger the thought of drinking wine was not something I thought I would eventually grow to enjoy drinking. But like good wine over time my tastes have changed. I guess the main reason for not liking wine earlier in liofe was because I was drinking really bad wine. But now I have started learning about wine and especially after my visit and weekend stay at the Van Loveren in Robertson did I start not only to learn about wine but also found wines I enjoyed drinking.

As a lover of all things Pink it is no wonder I love pink drinks too.And Rosé is just right up my alley.Last year was the first time I tried out a Pinot Grigio Rosé while at a local craft brewery of all places and fell in love with how smooth and easy it was to drink.

Rosé has been described as “romance in a bottle”. Versatile and elegant, this popular wine style has been gaining ground
all over the world among both male and female oenophiles, and this has led to a whole plethora of varieties being used to
produce it.

 Rosé Facts

  1. It can be used to make cocktails
  2. It is a versatile wine which can be had with a variety of food.
  3.  Rosé does not improve with time and you should not drink anything more than two years old.
  4. Mixing red and white wine together is not how you make  Rosé.
  5. The colour does not relate to the sweetness most believe the paler the  Rosé the dryer it is this is untrue. As both red and white grapes run clear when cut and the colour comes from how long the skins stay in the juice before the fermentation process.
  6. Rosé can be drank all year round.
  7. Rosé wines are generally less expensive than red wines because they do not need longer to mature.
  8. It comes in a bubbly version too.

Health Benefits:

  • healthy cholesterol levels as  Rosé wine has polyphenols that helps to reduce bad (LDL) cholesterol. The alcohol present in Rose wine thins blood and increases good (HDL) cholesterol.
  • Lowers heart problems because the Antioxidants found in  Rosé wine helps to prevent heart problems by lowering buildup of harmful cholesterol.
  • helps to reduce high blood pressure as it balances out the negative salt effects in blood.
  •  has Antioxidant properties which  are great for skin and heart health as it prohibits oxidation of molecules in the body. It helps to fade blemishes and spots.
  • Lower inflammation as Rosé wine possesses various beneficial compounds with antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties. Wine’s anti-inflammatory properties help to lower the chances of rheumatoid arthritis.

The latest variety to join this wine style in South Africa is Pinot Grigio, and Van Loveren Wine Family Vineyards in the
Robertson Valley decided to dedicate South Africa’s first Perlé-styled Pinot Grigio Rosé to the late Retief matriarch, Jean,
who was well-known for her love of gardening and the lush garden she, with husband Hennie, established at the estate,
starting in 1939. This passion is reflected in the label design of the Perlé de Jean Pinot Grigio 2018.
Many of the trees were planted to commemorate special occasions, and therefore the Van Loveren garden includes
specimens that represent historical events, political figures, eleven grandchildren, head-boys and head-girls, graduation
ceremonies and other achievements. The garden is still intact and visited by thousands of tourists each year.
The Perlé de Jean Pinot Grigio 2018 has an alcohol content of only 12% and boasts a beautiful, elegant and romantic pale
rose petal colour with a bright hue. “It displays a fine nose with enticingly fresh notes of raspberries, strawberries, red
currant, ripe citrus and melon with a gentle lemon undertone,” explains winemaker Chris Crafford “It is medium in weight,
crisp with good grip and fine extract, and boasts elegant fruit and lingering persistence on the palate.”
“This dry, slightly-sparkling wine is a pure expression of summer and will partner very well with pork chops and grilled
peaches, summer salads, sushi, grilled vegetables and fresh berries,” adds Johline Barnardt, brand manager for Perlé de
Jean. “The unique Perlé style gives the wine a slight fizz, which adds an extra refreshing appeal, and is guaranteed to be
the talk of the town. This is exciting for consumers and winemakers alike, and there’s no doubt about it, Rosé wines are
The popularity of Rosé is a female-driven movement that has lured more men and found popularity “beyond
beach-front enclaves”, says Johline. The popularity of this category has resulted in hashtags in the USA (#brosé
for bro’s that like the drink), fad brands and celebrity-backed extensions (the new Rosés from actress Drew


The Story behind the Perle de Jean

With everything at the Van Loveren there is a wonderful family story and with the Perle de Jean it is no different. The look and feel of the label design were inspired by the Four Cousins’ grandmother Jean Retief’s love for
gardening. Jean Retief was an ardent gardener, Jean lived in the manor house as the matriarch of Van Loveren for the greatest portion of 90 years of her life tending to this magnificent garden, her garden is still intact and visited
by hundreds of tourists a year.

Tasting Notes of Perle de Jean

This wine has pale rose petal rosé colour with a bright hue.Fine nose, enticing fresh notes of raspberries, strawberries, fresh red currant,ripe citrus and melon with a gentle lemon undertone. Medium weight, crisp, pure expression of summer on the palate, with good grip and fine extract, elegant fruit and lingering persistence with vibrant plum and ripe berry fruit on the palate.


Perfect with literally everything !

The Perlé de Jean Pinot Grigio 2018 will be available from Makro outlets nationwide since September 2018 at R69.99 per bottle, as well as directly from Van Loveren via

Now in the spirit of love ,giving and celebrating I have teamed up with Van Loveren to give away wait for it ….

A case of Perlé de Jean Pinot Grigio 2018 values at R634.80

To win :

1.Share this blog post.

2.Comment on Facebook post and tag who you would share this Pinot Grigio Rosé with.

3.Giveaway closes on 19 April 2019.

4.Only open to South African citizens over the age of 18.


Be inspired !




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