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Experience the Africa Travel Indaba in DURBAN

Experience the Africa Travel Indaba in DURBAN

The Travel Indaba is the largest AFRICAN TRAVEL & TRADE SHOW in the continent. It is an event that is earmarked in every Tourism calendar around the globe and is listed as a must do event for travel trade, travel related businesses, tourism boards and media in the field of Tourism. The word Indaba is a Zulu word that when translated means a conference or a discussion. Durban has been the home of the Travel Indaba for several years now and the city pulls out all the bells and glitter in showcasing DURBAN to the world. Well it is a pretty amazing city Durban and it is not that hard to flaunt this city to the world.

At launch of the Africa Travel Indaba earlier this month in Durban, the underlying theme was one of boosting Tourism to AFRICA as the continent is not just rising but thriving and becoming a force to be reckoned with. Key emphasis was placed on the stories we tell and share about Africa and how we each have a responsibility to be good ambassadors of our African continent.


Key numbers for Africa’s Travel Indaba 2019

• 1,110 – Number of local, regional and international buyers already confirmed.
• 890 – Number of exhibitors already confirmed.
• 104 – Number of African exhibitors from 19 countries already confirmed.
“The above numbers clearly demonstrate that Indaba continues to grow and be the sought after platform for African tourism products,” concluded Kotze-Nhlapo, Chief Convention Bureau Officer of South Africa National Convention Bureau (SANCB)


Tourism in Africa – facts

According to 2018 reports from the United Nations World Tourism Organization and World Travel and Tourism Council:
• The continent’s total foreign receipts in 2017 amounted to US$ 177,6 billion, contributing 8,1% of total Gross Domestic Product (GDP).
• In 2017, Africa’s share of investment in travel and tourism was US$ 28,2 billion, or 5,7% of total investment in the continent.
• In 2017, direct travel and tourism employment in Africa rose to 9,3 million, the equivalent of 1 in 11 jobs. This is an 11,2% increase from 2016.

South Africa at a glance

• South Africa saw 10.5-million international tourist arrivals in 2018.
• It translates to a growth of 1.8% compared to the previous year.
• The World Travel & Tourism Council’s (WTTC) had recently announced that South Africa has the largest tourism economy in Africa having contributed 1.5 million jobs (9.2% of South Africa’s employment)
• Tourism contributes 8.6% to the South African GDP.
• 44% of the tourism spend came from international travellers, amounting to R128-billion.
• 56% of spend came from domestic travel, which translates to R163-billion.

About Africa’s Travel Indaba

Africa’s Travel Indaba continues to be Africa’s leading and longest running travel trade show. It offers industry players and its stakeholders an opportunity to meet and engage on the challenges and opportunities that affect the advancement of tourism on the continent.
The event showcases the widest variety of the continent’s best tourism products and attracts international buyers and media from across the world.
The Indaba is vital to South Africa’s economy as it encourages job creation, and fosters business and connections that are integral to the growth of the tourism industry.
Indaba not only provides a vital platform for buying and selling of tourism products but also provides a platform for collaboration and dialogue around issues and policies affecting tourism.

My Africa Travel Indaba Experience

Besides my love of travel, my blog which has a focus on travel and culture the Africa Travel Indaba is an important aspect to my job as a Travel and Tourism lecturer. Having attended the Indaba over the last two years I now know the importance and value this date on, my calendar months in advance. The location for the event is the Inkosi Albert Luthuli Convention Centre (Durban ICC).The lead up to the event sees the city prepare for her guests and the Hilton Hotel becomes a hive of activity due to its close proximity to the ICC.
The Indaba runs for a period of three days and is entrance only is through accreditation which has to be done in advance. During the day the focus is the ICC but at night there are hosted gathering by various tourism authorities around the city. The event is a closed one and is only open to people within the Travel and Tourism sectors and media who are covering the event. The opening day starts rather early with a 7am breakfast before the official opening of the Indaba. Be prepared for a long day and lots of walking so yes comfortable shoes are a must. The event has stands located in both the ICC and the Durban Exhibition centre with walkways in to both. It is a fantastic way to network with local and international Tourism authorities from both South Africa and the African continent. Both of my experiences of the Africa Travel Indaba have left me inspired and longing to explore more locally and in the African continent. Both of my experiences of the Africa Travel Indaba have left me inspired and longing to explore more locally and in the African continent. So this year I am hoping for to do exactly that.

Tips to survive the Africa Travel Indaba

*Get dropped off and picked up as traffic and parking is at a premium.
* Wear comfortable clothing and shoes as it does get warm inside.
* If you need to wear a jacket wear a light one.
*Carry a bottle of water.
*Opt for carrying a backpack instead of a handbag so your hands are free and you have place to keep all the brochures, business cards and freebies.
*Make sure your phone is fully charged and carry a power bank.
* Make sure you register in advance for the Indaba.
*If you have business cards take them with you.

Most importantly network and make connections in the Travel Indaba because that is the main purpose of this event.

Africa Tourism Indaba info :

* Show Days: 02 – 04 May 2019
• Local and International Trade Days: 02 – 04 May 2019
• 02 – 03 May 2019: 10h00 – 18h00
• 04 May 2019: 10h00 – 17h30

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