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Hawaii Travel Guide – places to visit ,food and culture

Hawaii Travel Guide – places to visit ,food and culture

When one thinks of the word Hawaii,images of paradise come to mind and an island rich in culture and history.As a child growing up I watched so many TV shows set on the island of Hawaii that it was only right that this island make it onto my travel bucket list.The more I travel it seems the more I learn about life from travel.

Each of the six major islands which constitute the island of Hawaii have a distinct personality of their own. There is no other place on earth where can feel and sense the aloha spirit than in Hawaii. With more active volcanoes than anywhere else and home to the one and only Royal Palace in the entire USA, this island is indeed is like none other which is why it should be on top of your bucket list.

From the spiritual beauty of the hula, to the glimmering oceans in the background, supplemented by the friendly and happy locals , Hawaii Beachfront homes make for a heavenly experience for anyone. Now I invite you to get a feel of this amazing place by going through this comprehensive guide which explores the beauty, culture and history of Hawaii.

Scenic spots in Hawaii

In Hawaii it is advisable to be ready for action always, since around every turn and bend a breathtaking sight might be awaiting you. In Hawaii just about everything is scenic, right from the hidden coves of the Napali Coast to the plethora of state parks. To start with, the beaches of Hawaii are known all over the world for their unmatched beauty. White, black, green or red, practically every color beach imaginable can be found here. The beaches of Oahu, for example, are a real mix of adventure and relaxation.

Once you have had your fill of the beaches, the national and state parks of Hawaii beckon you. There are more than fifty in number, housing some of the most awesome natural wonders of the world. Names like Hawaii Volcanoes State Park and Kalaupapa National Historical Park are known the world over for being home to the largest number of endemic species to be found in one place.
The rich culture and the history of Hawaii have been carefully preserved in the museums. Rare artifacts and manuscripts from the island’s past, right from the early settlers from Polynesia to the attack on Pearl Harbor are aptly showcased here. The biggest and most expensive museum, Bishop Museum, is located in Oahu, and is the forerunner in portraying the history of Princess Bishop and other heirlooms of the Royal family. The only state residence of royalty in the US,The Iolani Palace, is situated in Honolulu, while in the Ewa district of central Oahu, lies the Pearl Harbor memorial.

The other scenic treasures of Hawaii are hidden in some special places. A boat tour along the Napali coast in Kauai, unveils a spectacular shoreline and many hidden coves. The Waimea Canyon, also in Kauai, is said to be the Grand Canyon of the Pacific. This breathtaking wonder stretches for 14 miles and reaches depths of up to 3,600 feet. The Diamond Head monument in Oahu, is the iconic landmark and a symbol of Hawaii, known for the presence of calcite crystals which resemble glittering diamonds.

Hawaiian Culture and Arts

A plethora of festivals, showcasing music,dance,theatre and cuisine go into expressing the true culture of Hawaii.Right from the deft display of the hula dance to the rhythm of the electric guitar, the Aloha spirit is very much present everywhere on the island. When there were no written languages on the island, the chanting of hula served the purpose of keeping the mythology of the island alive.

No visit to Hawaii is complete without a luau experience. Special occasions, in the past, were celebrated by having parties, where the taro leaf, Luau, was served frequently along with a number of popular dishes like, Poi, Kalua pig, Laulau, Poke and others. This tradition is very much evident even today, when families and friends get together on events like weddings, graduation etc for a luau experience.

The food culture of Hawaii

The Hawaiian cuisine is a welcome mix of colorful flavors, offering visitors a dazzling menu which combines the regional blend with the produce from the farms and plantations. Influenced by the presence of generations of immigrants from all parts of the world, the food pot of Hawaii has unlimited ethnic specials.
The street food of Hawaii, served on a paper plate, features just about anything from beef, spam musubi to sushi. The plate lunch usually consists of two rice scoops, macaroni salad, kuala pork or mahi mahi. The meal is cooled off with Shave Ice, served just about everywhere on the island. Cones of finely shaved snow are topped with colorful ice cream flavors with azuki beans at the bottom. The other local specialities include, Pupu, Malasadas, Loco Moco and more.
The meal which is on the top of the list is the Hawaiian Regional Cuisine, the brainchild of twelve local chefs who invented this culinary movement in 1991. The freshest island ingredients are incorporated to prepare some of the most ethnic food flavors found nowhere else in the world. Today visitors can experience this cuisine throughout the the islands run by the twelve award winning chefs.

From building sand castles to snorkeling there are countless ways to enjoy a holiday with families and friends on the Hawaiian islands. The tropical aromas, turquoise waters with colorful fish coupled with the sensuous scenery virtually attack the senses. So the next time you plan to go on a Hawaii vacation, use this complete guide, as a starting point, to eliminate not only the stress part of your dream holiday, but to get the most out of your trip.
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