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Namibia November

Namibia November

We are officially hitting the last few weeks of 2016. Boy oh boy has it been an eventful year. November ,you arrived amidst Diwali and Halloween rather like a big colourful bang unexpected but so welcome. There are now 2 more “work ” weeks left and I personally can not wait for some much needed time out and time to work on the blog.
This part of the year is rather crazy busy with year end exams and tons of marking. All this has left my immune system rather weak and after two visits to the doctor I am still not better. This part of the year is rather stressful so it is a reminder to me to look after me.

October Highlights

  1. The Good Food and Wine Show was as always a great weekend for all Durban foodies. The show this year had a new look.Loved catching up with old and new foodie friends as well as eating delicious food.
  2. Diwali, after the month long fast of Purtassi it was time to celebrate. A weekend of family time and yet again lots of delicious sweet treats.
  3. I started a 3 month blogging challenge and wrote my longest post ever. Have you read it ? My post was shared by two rather large South African Tourism accounts on social media which made this lil blogger rather happy.
  4. Ae Dil Hai Muskiel the much anticipated Bollywood release happened. Set in my favourite city of London this tale of Romance has an amazing soundtrack.

Namibia November

Namibia November
A desert that is calling my name as most of my readers know I have a mild obessession of the Desert. Maybe it is the vastness or the solitude that draws me either way I would love to visit every Desert of the world. You can read about my other

Namibia Facts :

  1. Was colonised by the Germans.
  2. Has 300 days of sunshine.
  3. April to June are the best times to visit for a real wildlife experience.
  4. The currency used is the Namibian Dollar.
  5. The Etosha Pan National Park is the largest Game Reserve in Africa.
  6. It has a population of 2.2 million people and is the second least densely populated country on Earth.
  7. Oktoberfest is an important event of the year.
  8. Namibia is one of two countries in the world that has Desert Elephants.
  9. It is home to two Deserts the Kalahari and the Namib.
  10. The Namib- Naukluft Park is one of the largest parks in the world.
  11. Sossusvlei is said to be the highest sanddunes in the world.
  12. It  is home to 13 Ethnic groups.
  13. Fish River Canyon is the oldest canyon in the world as well as the world’s second largest.

Dearest Darling November

I know I am rather late in welcoming me BUT forgive me you have kept me rather busy already. And I am loving it.
With not long till you bid me farewell , I know the remaining days of you will be fantastic and filled with all sorts of wonderful. Like your sisters before you ,you have already proved to be outstanding.
I look forward to the days that remain and making everyday count.
SpiceGoddess Diwali

November Goals :

  1. Make time for me.
  2. Read atleast 1 complete book.
  3. Write 3 blog posts. Currently 2 down and 1 to go!
  4. Sleep more and that means switching off and actually putting my phone down.
  5. Drink more water and make wiser eating choices.
  6. Make time for doing fun stuff.

Sorry for the lateness but you have been rather spectacular and I love it November. I hope November has been kind to you.
Be Inspired !
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