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A fusion take on Tea at Jeera

The thought of High Tea instantly conjures up memories of Ladies all decked out in their finery sipping tea and nibbling on treats well specifically eating cucumber sandwiches and scones. High Tea has always been a British Tradition that has filtered to other parts of the world. Tea and tea time is a popular market in many parts of the world so having an Indian Afternoon Tea makes so much sense.
Jeera Tea 1

A journey of sweet and savoury accompanied by aromatic tea….

Recently I was invited to the relaunch of the Durban Indian Afternoon Tea Experience at Jeera located inside Suncoast Towers Hotel. Jeera launched Afternoon Tea in 2015 and it has proved to be very popular with locals. The SpiceGoddess was rather excited to receive this invite and could not wait to indulge in the treats that I knew would be served.
Jeera Savoury
Having experienced this truly magical experience earlier this year High Chai at Jeera , I was rather intrigued to find out what had changed. Our family loved this experience in April and still talk about the uniqueness of this High Tea. After a warm welcome from the amazing team , Executive Chef Sandren Govender talked us through the sweet and savoury offerings.
Jeera Table Set up
Beautifully set up tables set the atmosphere for a journey into the world of sugar and spice. A selection of well blended and aromatic teas were passed around to help us decide what tea would appeal to our senses. Instantly for me the Bombay Mix caught my attention bold and aromatic spices infused into the loose tea leaves. I love learning about new teas and finding my perfect match. The range from Tea Merchants has something for all tastes. Each guest is given their own individual teapot for their brew.
Jeera Tea selection
One of my main concerns the last time was my vegetarian guests as there was not too much for them on the menu. With prior notice I made an arrangement and all my guests were happy. The new menu has more vegetarian options added to it as well as firm favourites of mine like the Butter Chicken Cigars and Chicken Tikka Satays. Other options on the menu included the new non alcoholic cocktails which are rather refreshing especially in Durban and the addition of 3 Bubbly choices does complete this experience.
Jeera Sweet
This was my second experience and I will defo be going back to share this with my friends. The relaxed atmosphere created by the ever so helpful staff make the Afternoon Tea Experience one for the memory books.
 Jeera Staff
Jeera, is a cosy and intimate eatery which is perfect for several gatherings like :

  1. Kitchen Tea / Bridal Shower
  2. Baby Shower
  3. Retirement Party.
  4. Birthdays
  5. Or simply a Girl’s Day Out.
  6. Staff Christmas Afternoon Tea
  7. Looking to impress clients
  8. The perfect spot to showcase the diversity and uniqueness of Durban to overseas guests.

BUT why wait for a special occasion ! Grab your favourite humans and go to Jeera for this uniquely Durban Afternoon Tea Experience.

Information for booking Tea at Jeera :

  1. Cost is R210 per person.
  2. Bookings must be made in advance by calling Seshnee Padayachee on 031 314 7878.
  3. minimum four guests and maximum 20.
  4. Runs seven days a week.
  5. Situated in Suncoast Hotel.
  6. Parking is on the premises.
  7. Lift service is available.
  8. Wheelchair accessible.

With the festive season approaching rather quickly make sure you book your Durban Indian Afternoon Tea Experience at Jeera.
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19 thoughts on “A fusion take on Tea at Jeera

  1. the place sounds very nice! i love tea! nice to know that many places now are giving the fusion tea more details compare before

  2. What an wonderful place to visit with great tea, food, and company! Putting this on my bucket list to visit someday! Your posts are always a delight to read and see! Great pictures and stories. Thank you~

  3. That’s what I miss here in Spain- on this island there aren’t any tea and snack places! My colleague and I often end up going home so we can put our feet up and have a nice cuppa tea.

  4. Recently, well, this whole year actually ( I can’t believe the end is so near) I drank tea in the evenings. It really makes me more relaxed. So no wonder other people feel the same. It seems like you had a nice time at Jeera, would love to spend my bday in a similar environment.

  5. As a tea lover I would LOVE to have such a place close to where I’m living! I would spend entire afternoons working there calmly or chilling with friends. It seems you had a great time there 🙂

  6. Ohh Verushka, that is a very gorgeous teacup! Oh HONESTLY hightea is one of my simplest way to feel like a princess, lol I love it!

  7. Wow, this looks so delicious – I love it 😀 I love how they took care and time to present every treat so divinely. 😀

  8. The tea must be delightful I am sure. I am really glad that you added the vegetarian menu as well because I have had worst of the experiences in the best places as they didn’t have much to offer on the menu for vegetarians.

  9. So interesting to see how the Indian culture throws an afternoon tea. I’ve experienced one on Australia but that was more similar to the British version. Food looks delicious!

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