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Top 10 posts of 2017

Top 10 posts of 2017

The life of a blogger is not one that is glamorous and fun always.There is so much that goes into writing/preparing a post before publishing.As a blogger some of the greatest moments are :
1.When your blog posts are shared.
2.Getting comments on your blog.
3.Collaborating with brands and getting  sponsored /paid work.
4.Invites to be apart of media trips.
My blog over time has evolved with my different faces.The Spicegoddess journey has been one filled with all sorts of highs and lows.Some highlights include taking the 30 Day Blog challenge I still can not believe I wrote a post every single day and continued for another 30 days.There have been days due to work constraints which meant getting 4 posts out a month was a total challenge for me this year.And the last few months have not been very easy for me with so much happening in my life but through it all I plodded on.My blog for me is my space and my way of expressing myself so I did try and make time for the blog.Through it all I was still able to get traction on the blog and my blog did not disappear into the big wide web and be forgotten.

2017 for the Spicegoddess highlights :

1.My year started off with a bang and I headed off to Dubai on a whirlwind media trip.
2.I headed off to the Midlands Meander which was my first trip here and got to explore while on a Media Trip to Brahman Hills.
3.I got to work with an awesome brand like Travelstart.This team have a great ethos of working with loads of different bloggers and not just one group of specific bloggers.
4.I went on not one but two game drives and stayed at Tala Game Reserve.
5.Work wise I got to lecture in two different Tourism programmes.
6.I was invited to a one on one meeting with the Minister of Tourism for South Africa! Such a wonderful experience.
7.I attended my first Tourism Indaba and next year I intend on attending more of the Indaba.
8.I maintained my relationships with several fantastic brands and this has led to even more opportunities.Watch this space in 2018.
9.I have even collaborated with a UK travel brand which for me was huge.
It still amazes me how many of my older posts are still read and searched on the blog.Today I will be sharing a list of the Top most read posts this year on the blog.So incase you are a new reader and you have missed these now is the time to catch up on some holiday reading.

Top most read blog posts in 2017


Prayer alter set up with offering for Purtassi
2. Wedding Rituals
3.A guide to Must Eat South African food
4.50 reasons to visit South Africa atleast once on your lifetime
5. Cabin Zero Review
6.Game Drives and Picnics
7. Vidya Vox in South Africa
8.Chasing trains in Durban
9.Indian Shortbread
10. Let’s GO EAT at the Midlands Kitchen

Have you read any of these posts yet ? Which was your favourite post of 2017 ? Let me know in the comments.
Thank you to each and everyone of you who read my blog ,comment,like and share my posts.Without you my blog is nothing.In 2018 there will be loads of exciting things happening for the Spicegoddess so make sure you subscribe to the blog and follow me on all my Social Media handles.
Be Inspired !

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