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Why I swapped my handbag for a Cabin Zero backpack?

Why I swapped my handbag for a Cabin Zero backpack?

I always carry a handbag and a big one at that when I travel.I have actually named one of my handbags as my “Travel Handbag” as it is genuine leather ,soft and big enough for all my things.The only problem I have realised a few months ago ,is that it is hard to keep a bag on your shoulder while hiking and taking pictures. And the Cabin Zero entered my life.

Now for a funny story, during #KeralaBlogExpress naive me took a handbag with me.I did not realise how this would actually end up being a nuinsance.I kept forgetting my bag all over the place but luckily for me my friend Anita Hendrika from New Zealand become “My Bag’s Keeper” and kept reminding me about taking my bag and if I had my bag on me.It became a standing joke but also reminded me I should look for an alternative for my handbag.

There is a common thought pattern that says “Ladies keep everything but the kitchen sink in their bag”.A rather funny but true statement. When I travel I keep the following in my handbag :

In my handbag :

1. Passport Wallet with tickets ,itinaries and passport.
2.A notebook and pen.
3.Painkillers and my chronic meds.
4. A soft cotton scarf.
5.Chewing Gum.
7.Wet wipes.
8.Wallet with cards and money.
9.A small coin purse for foreign change.
11. Mobile Phone
12. Powerbanks atleast 2
13. USB charging cords.
15.Hairbrush and hairband.
17. A USB
18. Sometimes my camera
19. A tin with my business cards inside them.
20. A soft cardigan.
Writing down this list has reminded me just how much I carry and why I often suffer from knots in my neck and shoulder.On my first media trip to London in 2014,while heading to catch my connecting flight the strap on my handbag cut. No wonder it did with all the things I had inside but lucky for me I had a spare handbag in my hand luggage so my problem was fixed rather quickly.
After Dubai this year and noticing that most of the media trip carried backpacks around, I was more determined to get a small backpack to replace my handbag.Now when one thinks of backpacks images of hiking and school pop into my mind.So I was determined to find a backpack that looked trendy ,had compartments,was durable and waterproof and supported my back and not strained it.I started looking around but nothing really caught my attention and I was leaning towards getting a customised Leather Backpack made.
BUT then I received an email from the folks at Cabin Zero and they wanted to know if I would be keen to review their product.Felt like almost serendipity there so of I headed to the website to pick a backpack.I selected a 28L backpack but now wish I had picked a 44L one.The bag arrived in 3 weeks and I was pretty impressed with how strong and secure the bag was.

Cabin Zero Backpack Info :

1. Ultra Light and weighs 600g.
2. Available in 13 colours.
3.Has side compression straps.
4. oversized padded straps.
5. Built in Global Tracker powered by Okoban.
6. Lockable zipper on main compartment.Lock not included.
7. 10 year warranty.

Cabin Zero put to the test :

On a recent media trip to a Game Reserve ,I did ditch my handbag for my Cabin Zero backpack and was super impressed how much more in control I felt.I loved the several compartments inside which were perfect for my powerbanks ,wallet,business cards and even my snacks.I was not worried about forgetting my bag or getting my bag dirty.Using my Cabin Zero backpack I did feel like a traveller and people at work kept complimenting me on my stylish travel look.Will I be using my backpack more ? Without a doubt YES! Check out
Keen to join the club and get a #CabinZero well…..use my discount code CZVERUSHKA, which entitles you to a 10% discount.
Are you a backpack traveller or do you still prefer a suitcase?
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