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You get two types of people in this world those who love Valentine’s Day and those who hate detest the day for several reasons.As a singleton I have had a love/hate relationship with this day.No need to bring out the Kleenex and bawl your eyes out if you are single on Valentine’s Day – with a bit of imagination and daring to be different, you can observe the day as a reflection of who you are and a celebration of your life with your friends and family.

The Greeks have 7 words to explain the word Love and this makes me realise that they totally understand the concept of love and it is not purely between two people.Here are the 7 types of love :


Eros: romantic, passionate love

Eros is passion, lust, pleasure. It’s an appreciation for one’s physical being or beauty, and is driven by attraction and sexual longing. It describes desire and obsession and is most similar to what we think of as romantic, passionate love between life partners.


Ludus: playful, flirtatious love

Ludus is infatuation, toying, flirtation. It describes the situation of having a crush and acting on it. It’s rooted in having fun, whatever that means specifically to you. Ludus is definitely the love you’d experience with a fling—casual, sexual, exciting, and with zero implications of obligation. Of all the Greek words for love, this one more than others comes without any eros or philia attachment.


Philia: intimate, authentic friendship

Philia is characterized by intimacy, knowing, and soul-to-soul bonds. It’s encouraging, kind, and authentic; the stuff from which great friendship is made, regardless of whether it’s with a platonic best friend or a romantic partner. This love is also based in goodwill, or wanting what’s best for the other person. Philia is a connection akin to that of soul mates; it’s one part destiny,


Consider the word “love” and the many contexts for which we use it: You can love your mom for always protecting you and being on your side. You can love your best friend for laughing with you and being the first to answer your texts. You can also love your romantic partner in a far more intense, intimate, and passionate way than your other relationships.

4. Storge: unconditional, familial love

Storge is the protective, kinship-based love you likely experience with family members. You might love your sister, even if you don’t like her, for instance, and you might love your dad, despite the mistakes he made in raising you. Storge is driven by familiarity and need and is sometimes thought of as a one-way love. For instance, consider a mother loving her baby before the baby is aware enough to love her back. Storge can also describe a sense of patriotism toward a country or allegiance to the same team.


Philautia: self-love

Self-love is hardly a new concept, as evidenced by the ancient Greeks having a word to describe it: philautia.


Pragma: committed, companionate love

Pragma is love built on commitment, understanding and long-term best interests, like building a family. Over time, eros can turn into pragma as a couple grows to honor, respect, and cherish each other, accepting of differences and learning to compromise. It is everlasting love rooted in romantic feelings and companion.


Agápe: empathetic, universal love

Agápe is love for others that’s inclusive of a love for God, nature, strangers, or the less fortunate. It’s generally an empathetic love toward humanity itself and is sometimes connected to altruism since it involves caring for and loving others without expecting anything in return. This sort of pay-it-forward love—people helping others selflessly.


Tourism KwaZulu-Natal (TKZN) believes that the idea of love on Valentine’s Day is not to be shared by couples only. Singles can also love themselves and celebrate their uniqueness by spoiling and pampering themselves.

Phindile Makwakwa, the acting chief executive officer of TKZN, said, “Valentine’s Day has become a special day around the world to show appreciation for the people you love and adore.

“It’s the perfect opportunity spread love to all our loved ones including family, friends and self, and then to keep loving the rest of the year.There is no need for them to feel left out of the festivities. If you are single, there are some unique ways you can celebrate and make the most out of Valentine’s Day.

In KZN, we have plenty of establishments that can deliver a world-class tourism experience for those feel excluded from the love club.And celebrate by doing more and exploring locally.

Why not Celebrate Valentine’s Day by getting other single buddies together and throwing a party indoor or outdoor? Think bubbly and a delish variety of foods.

Many moons ago ,while leaving in London I experienced a very special Valentine’s Day with friends.The Valentine’s Day celebration started a week before with drinks,snacks and the Secret Cupid process.We each picked our Secret Cupid and we then had to buy a gift and we decided  on where we would eat and choose a South African eatery which had a special menu for Valentine’s Day.On Valentine’s Day we all dressed up to nines and met for pre drinks and gift exchange.Happy souls grateful for friends who became family we headed off to celebrate the day of love.

Taking your best friend out on a date is also a great option for single friends who want to take advantage of couples’ deals on Valentine’s Day or share in the going-out experience.

Freedom Café in St Mary’s Avenue in Greyville, Durban has a special singles dinner from 6pm to 10pm on Valentine’s Day and promises good food, good vibes, speed dating, a fun date auction and much more. Get ready to meet new people who are ready to mingle.You never know you might meet your  Valentine there.

You do not need to splurge on the day. All you need is friends who can get together to celebrate their relationship and love for each other. Whatever the sentiment, single friends can have fun at the movies, order in pizza or enjoy a fun-filled games night.

For those singles who want to explore in and around KwaZulu-Natal on Valentine’s Day, a list of to do activities has been prepared by TKZN.


This exhilarating experience will not only leave you speechless but it is an adrenaline rush that will make your heart race like love at first sight. The zip-lining journey begins with a breath-taking climb up a 21-meter spiral, wooden staircase, followed by a 175-meter cable slide to a tree top platform and 125-meter slide back to the centre! Lake Eland has a fantastic zip line course with the longest zipline in Africa.Oribi Gorge is home to the Wild 5 Adventure and is perfect for thrill seekers and defo gets the adrenalin pumping. Both spots are perfect for day trips do


Nothing beats getting an early start to your day and appreciating a scenic route to the Berg with your windows down and fresh air hitting your face. Enjoy some good food, quality time with family and friends at the Drakensberg Mountain Retreat with spectacular and comfortable, affordable country-style accommodation.


After a stressful week of work, enjoy some quality time with your girlfriends or as part of a single moms’ group – way it is a great time to spoil yourself at the serene and tranquil sanctuary of the Brahman Hills Spa situated in the heart of KwaZulu-Natal. I have been here twice and loved every single moment.I am currently planning a weekend roadtrip with the girls for my birthday in April.This is an opportunity to kick off your heels and unwind.


An out-of-your-comfort zone experience to explore an underwater escape popular for its rich bio-diversity and lively population of fish with reef and wreck scuba diving tours on the Kwa-Zulu Natal coastline.


Do not be sad single this Valentine’s Day. Laugh until your belly aches at the ECR Kings & Queens of Comedy Durban show. There will not be any heartbreak on this night, as the show will leave you in stitches.


Enjoy a welcome drink and a delicious three-course meal at the Butcher Block, Florida Road in Durban on Valentine’s Day available from 13 to 16 February. You can pick your favourite items from the a la carte menu – and an interesting guy or gal from the crowd.Florida Road is filled with a wide variety of places to eat and socialise with all day long.

So this Valentine’s Day spend time with those you love,indulge in some pampering time with your girls.Basically just celebrate life this Valentine’,s Day.

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