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The best ways to enjoy Summer in the Western Cape

The best ways to enjoy Summer in the Western Cape

With the 2018 , coming to a close with exams around the corner families are planning their Summer Holidays in South Africa. Top favourites are seaside cities and Cape Town and Durban are always at a tie for a family holiday. For me as I live in Durban , Cape Town would be my perfect summer holiday destination in South Africa.

While on holiday it is always a mission to keep the entire family/ friends happy.So check out this guide of the best way to enjoy Summer in the Western Cape.

  • Hike up Lion’s Head

Lion’s head lies between Table Mountain and Signal Hill. The views from the top of the mountain are breathtaking and well worth the effort. It is more of an uphill walk than it is a climb, but at times it can get a little strenuous. There are a number of ladders and chains that will assist you up the rocky sections of the mountain, but don’t let this put you off – it sounds a lot scarier than it actually is! The scenery around you and knowing what stunning views you will see when you reach the top will motivate you to carry on, should you need it. While any time is a good time to hike Lion’s Head, we would recommend taking advantage of the times of the month when you’ll be blessed with an even more extraordinary sight and experience, particularly on the full-moon hike which has become very popular. It’s the perfect romantic activity as you’ll watch the sun set over the ocean, and see the moon take its place at dusk. If you decide to hike during the day make sure you have sunblock, sunhat and water. This hike is one that you will never forget.

  • Visit Scarborough

Scarborough is a fairly quiet, but incredibly pretty seaside village just outside of Cape Town. It’s approximately an hour’s drive from Cape Town’s city centre and will, without a doubt, creep into your heart. It offers unspoiled beaches, picturesque mountains and indigenous flora which offers peace, tranquillity and raw natural beauty – the ideal getaway destination for those who want to kick back and relax away from the city bustle and immerse themselves in nature. Scarborough accommodation is also amazing, with many great options. The beaches close to Scarborough are vast, making it a lovely beach to walk along, enjoying the nature that surrounds. Or you can enjoy kitesurfing, windsurfing or bodyboarding, swimming or soaking up the sun. It’s likely you’ll catch sight of sea birds as well as baboons and the Cape clawless otter, all of which make their home in the area. Should you visit between the months of June to November, you have a good chance of spotting whales as it is in the migratory path of the southern right whale.

  • Go for a walk on the promenade

 If you looking to do something with family or friends, a walk along the Sea Point Promenade is both relaxing and enjoyable. It stretches from Mouille Point to Bantry Bay. Should you not want to walk, you can cycle the 11km route. There are bicycles that you can hire and go on a lovely morning cycle. The promenade also has its own mini-golf course, if you’re eager to try something different. There are lovely green lawns, so pack a picnic basket, mat, good book and your camera; sit in the sun and take in the glorious views, watch people passing by and simply enjoy the day. There are entrances to beaches along the way if you decide to go for a quick dip or visit the Municipal Sea Point Pavilion swimming pool.

  • Visit the many beautiful beaches

 Cape Town is surrounded by the most beautiful beaches in the world and well worth a visit. The first one that always comes to mind especially for visitors are: The Clifton Beaches with its beautiful blue waters and white sands. It is perfect for beach sports, suntanning, relaxing and sundowners. Camps Bay Beach with its palm trees, green lawns and beautiful stretch of white sands is a must for suntanning, swimming in the gorgeous natural tidal pool, picnicking, selfies and more. Stay to witness the breath-taking sunset at one of the quaint restaurants to end off a perfect day. Boulders Beach in Simon’s Town, which is famous for the African Penguin is a lovely intimate beach where you can picnic, tan and swim amongst these adorable birds.

  • Picnic at Kirstenbosch Gardens

A visit to Kirstenbosch Gardens is a must, it is one of the most beautiful botanical gardens in the world. There is an entrance fee of around R70 for adults, but considering you’re able to spend the day, and be surrounded by breathtaking flora, makes it well worth the spend. The gardens are well maintained with lovely walking paths that you can follow to some of the famous landmarks such as the Colonel Bird’s Bath, also known as “Lady Anne Barnard’s Bath, or the ‘Boomslang’ – an elevated path that’ll give you a whole new perspective. The gardens are incredibly lush, so we’d recommend you have a picnic. Picnic baskets can be ordered from the Kirstenbosch Tea Room or Moyo restaurant. You may also want to find out if they are having any events such as the summer concerts. They are usually on from November to March.

  • Go wine tasting in the Winelands

 You don’t have to travel far in Cape Town to find a beautiful wine farm to visit and spend the day. Cape Town is known for its famous wine estates with their beautiful landscapes, delicious wines and now, most have amazing restaurants, and luckily, they’re affordable to both locals and visitors. From Constantia to Durbanville and all the way to Stellenbosch you will find wine farms in abundance – one never knows which to choose for a day outing! It would be recommended that you do your research on the different places, the different wines they produce, as well as the restaurants available, to ensure your outing is perfectly refined to your tastes – although it’s unlikely you’ll be disappointed no matter which estate you visit as each offers a unique experience.

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