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Netflorist celebrates #20DaysOfNice

Netflorist celebrates #20DaysOfNice

The world needs more humans who are kinder and nicer not only to each but the world around us. One of the most special ways one can receive a gift is a gift delivered to your home or work place. Netflorist is one of those special companies that make the art of gifting so special.

I recall as a lil child receiving flowers and telegrams delivered home to me for my birthday from my Dad and felt ever so special.The feeling of getting an unexpected gift or delivery is priceless.Over the years I have recieved gifts and flowers delivered to me each delivery has always made me feel like a kid again.

I believe that gifts should not only be given on birthdays and special occasions but also random moments to let people know we are thinking of them and we are special. For years I have always not been a fan of Valentine’s Day and it was always something I discussed with whoever I was dating at that point. BUT last year after having this talk with my then BF now EX , we both were on the same page of Valentine’s Day I got home to a delivery of flowers, chocolate and a Teddy Bear with a message that simply read “Thank you for making the world a better place.” This made my heart melt and later that night on a call to him I firstly thanked him and then asked WHY? To which he responded that as much as we both had spoken about this and agreed it was just another day, he had seen all his colleagues ordering online and thought he would surprise as he wanted me to also feel special on this day.

This got me thinking about the Art of Gifting and that it is not about the price tag attached to the gift but rather the thought and effort that goes behind making someone feel rather special. It does not take much to make someone feel special and appreciated and that is where Netflorist makes life and delivery so much easier even in another country.

About Netflorist

20 years ago, the day before Valentine’s Day 1999, Ryan Bacher, Lawrence Brick and Jonathan Hackner
received their very first order and NetFlorist brought happiness (and roses) to a recipient for the first
time. Since then, this proudly South African e-tailer has delivered over 21,895,172 stems nationally.
Their devotion to hassle-free gifting in an attempt to make South Africa a little happier and kinder, one
gift at a time, has seen over 4,287,849 orders delivered, which means 4,287,849 smiling, surprised faces!
NetFlorist has grown and expanded throughout the years and continues to create new products to
ensure there’s always a perfect gift for any and every occasion. Originally, there were only 12 different
floral arrangements to choose from, but now their website hosts over 12,000 gifts. Over 20% of these
choices can be personalised so the sentiment can be remembered long after a special occasion has
In the early 2000s, NetFlorist would receive an average of 72 orders a day. Now, they receive at least
2000 orders daily. Because the call for flowers and gifts on demand has grown so much, NetFlorist now
has a dedicated night shift team to ensure the freshest floral creations, beautifully hand-wrapped gifts
and perfectly personalised prezzies are ready to go out first thing every morning.
While NetFlorist is proud of each and every successful delivery and smiling recipient, they are especially
proud of the order sent by Bill Gates to Nelson Mandela in 2012. Perhaps their proudest largest single order was for the floral arrangements used for the official memorials and funeral
for Nelson Mandela. Being chosen as the exclusive floral provider for the occasion is their
biggest honour to date.
Towards the latter part of 2018, NetFlorist announced a new pay-off line, ‘just be nice’. This line is a way
to remind NetFlorist’s customers, employees, and South Africa as a whole that sometimes we could all
be a little bit nicer. Over the next few years, they will be leading by example by sending ‘just because’
gifts and running campaigns that focus on this reminder. But, for their 20th birthday, the focus is on the
everyday South Africans who already know how to ‘just be nice’.

Win with Netflorist #20DaysofNice

During the first 20 days of campaign (beginning 1 April  2019), NetFlorist will be inviting South Africans
from all walks of life to share stories of people who have gone the extra mile to make the world a better
and kinder place. Thankers can share these stories using the hashtag #20daysofnice on Facebook,
Twitter or Instagram, and together with NetFlorist, they will make the world a little more positive, one
thank you gift at a time.
At least 20 of the nice people behind these stories will receive a gift from NetFlorist on behalf of the
poster to say a simple ‘thank you’ because random acts of kindness should not go unnoticed. Hopefully
this campaign of positivity will remind South Africans that a little bit of gratitude and niceness go a long
way to making our country, and the world, a better, happier place.

So in keeping with the theme of #20DaysOfNice with Netflorist, I was asked to send something nice as part of the campaign. I thought long and hard about who I would surprise and what would I give that person. And the forst person that came to mind was my Mum. You see my Mum is my biggest cheerleader, my biggest critic and my voice of reason. She supports my dreams , helps me achieve my goals and is always there for me even through our squabbles. Often we do not get the chanced to say ‘Thank You” and this is something I should become more conscious of doing. As a blogger I am always receiving media drops and it is my Mum who is always at home signing for them.And this was definitely a chance to spoil Mum and let her sign for her own delivery. Mum is a huge lover of chocolates so I spent some time on the Netflorist site and found a jar of her favourite chocolates with a personalised label.

I totally loved this concept and idea as once the chocolates where finished Mum would still have something to keep as a reminder of me.I had her name printed on the sticker and a message which read “Thank You for everything.”I placed the order and the next day and it was delivered the next day.As luck would have it I was at home so when the deleivery arrived I knew it was for her but she assumed it was mine , I signed and then said to her “oh this is for you , not me!”Mum was surprised and was like who sent me this and on my opening her eyes got brighter, she was happy to find a huge jar of Lindt and then I popped her bubble and told her “Thank YOU”

Share your story and make someone’s day during the #20DaysOfNice remember to use the hashtag to sure your stories can be picked up.

Be Inspired !



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