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Life Lately of the Spice Goddess 17.2

Life Lately of the Spice Goddess 17.2

I feel like I have literally blinked my eyes and we are already at the half way mark of 2017. The months are flying by so much as happened and is still happening that I feel a Life Lately 17.2 update is needed.So here is what happened for the first part of 2017 ,
April ,my birthday month was rather busy and eventful.We had family over from Mauritius which was great but oh so busy. But it meant I got to be a local tourist and that is one of my favourite things to do And in the middle of all that it was my Birthday and I ended up hosting a dinner at home for my friends and I was surprised by the most beautiful Travel Inspired cake by Akshi from Kreamy Kreations.

Mum and I also headed off to Tala Game Reserve for what felt like an Out of Africa day.Read here to find out more .Next weekend I am going to spending a night a Tala so do follow my adventures online.

I received an invite from KZN Tourism for the Tourism Indaba which was so exciting.Unfortunately I was only able to make it to the Indaba Breakfast but next year I intend on attending more of the events.

The last few months I have been lucky to collaborate with a few amazing brands and I look forward to what new collaborations the rest of 2017 will bring.PS watch this space for a “spicy giveaway” during the week.
During my #ExploreWC trip last year with Lerato we got to explore two different wine regions which included Stellenbosch and Robertson. The trip gave an understanding and appreciation of wine and winemaking.So when the folks at Tops At Spar Wineshow invited me to this vino event I was rather excited. I was able to spoil my followers with tickets to this event. With my girls in tow we headed off to the show on the final day and it was delicious trying out so many lovely wines ,chatting to brands and sampling new products on the market.

I got to explore #ShakaLand with my students and boy oh boy was it such an interesting learning experience of the Zulu culture in KZN. It felt like I was going back in history and learning about Shaka Zulu


I had to visit the Doctor it seems my body needs a time out and I have succumbed to the flu bug.Most of the day was literally like groundhog day which included sleep,eat and meds.The sleep was rather welcomed as I had not slept for the last two nights.I was disappointed that I could not go to the Springboks vs France Ruby match yesterday and I even had tickets.One of my goals for 2017 , was to read more but this has been proving hard to do but been sick means I was able to read. The winter season is here so temperatures have dropped and I do enjoy this weather as it reminds me of my London days so been sick meant I could stay in bed and all that was missing was a fireplace.

At the moment…

The last few weeks there has been so much happening in the world that it all makes me so sad and grateful at the same time.London has been hit by another tragedy in the form of the #GrenfellTowerFire in which hundreds of people have lost their lives and everything. Watching the visuals of the tower block on fire was like a scene from a movie.
Closer to home the #KnysnaFires raged for days and literally an entire town has been raised to ashes with thousands of families having lost everything. Help has been sent from all over South Africa.We were all urged to send food,toiletries ,pet food and clothing.It was great to see how many  big corporates got on board and made it possible to get donations to Knysna.We each have the chance to make a difference and I used this to clear out my wardrobe of clothing,handbags and shoes most of which I have not used at all or in a very long time.After packing and labelling everything Mum and I headed off to a drop off point to leave our donations.I have also set up a collection at work which we will  be dropping off next week.
These events have got me thinking about life and what would I grab in an emergency from my home.But most of all this has got me been grateful for a safe home and the opportunity to help/make a difference to those who need it.


I am in bed ,sipping tea with the series #GirlBoss in the background.Having read the book which was fairly easy to read , I am not getting into the series much.However I finished watching “This is us” and loved every episode of it. If you have not watched it yet go and do so.
I am currently obessessed with Bollywood again . And the name #VidyaVox (watch this space to find out about Vidya) ,this amazing performer is heading to South Africa this September and I CAN NOT WAIT. Having attended the media launch a few weeks ago and having Vidya actually tweet reply to me like literally had me jumping up and down.

These days……

I am taking back time for me and my needs.Sometimes this means I have to be abit selfish but I need to for my own sanity. I have started to say no certain things including events, do I feel bad no because I need me time.
I have started falling in love with reading and books.My aim is to read one complete book a month. Last month I struggled with The Great Gatsby but I did finish it.My new book is called “He said ,she said” which is rather interesting and quite gripping from page one.

I know…..

That life is too short for what if’s so I am now trying to live a life of gratitude and creating a life I am happy and comfortable with.
There are many opportunities out there and sometimes you just have to keep knocking on doors until one opens.Nothing falls into your lap by accident and neither are you lucky.It is all about hardwork and taking chances.I have taken several chances which have lead to amazing opportunities and some doors have closed whic I have learnt to deal with rejection.

I am convinced …

The second half of 2017 is going to be filled all sorts of wonderful experiences.
I know that :
1. A grateful heart is a magnet for miracles.
2. Be the change you wish to see in the world.
3.Say YES
4. Be a kinder human.
5. Be kinder to yourself.

I wish ….

There were more hours in my day to tick more things of my ever growing list.Time is such a precious commodity so do not waste it on people and things that do not make you happy.
That people of the world would become kinder humans to each other and stop this all this uglyness that is going on.
My wish for you is that the second of 2017 is filled adventures and lots of happiness.
Be Inspired !


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