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Fear stops you #TuesdayTruth

Last week I came across this image which literally stopped me and made me question myself on Twitter.One of the things that stop us all is fear , fear of the unknow and fear of change.Often we are our own worst enemy and our harshest critic.The world around us have instilled in us these negative thoughts from a young age.BUT its time to literally take note of the message as it is in black and white.More often than not we are too afraid of what others will think and if we will disappoint them.What about you and what makes you happy? End of the day you are what matters let nothing and no one stop you from dreaming big and achieving your hearts desires.Break out of our old mindset and become positive.There is nothing we can not do, I firmly believe we are all SuperHeros.Stop letting it hold you back go forth and conquer your fears ! I personally have a few things holding me back and guess what I am in attack mode 🙂
Be Inspired !

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