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The #SpiceGoddess Event

After countless emails , calls and tweets between Sue Levy and I the #SpiceGoddess event took place this Sunday.The venue and so much more was sponsored by the Mystic Sisters of Be Pampered Spa in Westville.Jayshree and Mellisa hosted us and boy oh boy were the Durban Lady Bloggers in for a treat. The bloggers included new and old friends.
Fuze Tea one of the sponsors provided us with our own barmen who provided us with yummy mocktails and cocktails using their NEW range of Fuze Tea.A few of our sponsors joined us and its always fun meeting people behind the brands.There were several giveaways.
Sue chatted to the bloggers on our inner Goddess while Mellisa gave us a lil insight into Palmistry and understanding our lines.The Fragrance ladies from Foschini introduce us to the new fragrances that were currently available instore.Thanusha from Renew Hair Colour introduced us to the new summer colours and us bloggers have a surprise coming up on our blogs soon.So keep your eyes peeled to facebook and Twitter.
There will be several posts coming up on what went on at #SpiceGoddessEvent and a few giveaways.
To all the amazing sponsors of the #SpiceGoddessEvent , I thank you from the bottom of heart for your kindness.To the stunning Mystic Sisters for your support and generosity in making #SpiceGoddessEvent such a success that we trended on Twitter in Durban.Sue Levy my friend thank you for pushing me to do this and flying down especially for the event.THANK YOU ! THANK YOU ! THANK YOU !
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