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TEN MINUTES with me …..

hey there readers of my lovely blog, off late I have not been blogging so much.The reason is that The Magnifying Glass has been taking up alot of my time… if you havent checked it out go on do it
I promise my readers I will be back with more post soon.I decided to do a quick ten question interview with myself for this post….
1) What are you reading ?
A million miles from Normal by Paige Nick.
2)Highlight of my week ?
Ms Cupcake tweeting me 🙂
3)Excited ……
For the GFWS
About my students as the campus has been on strike for almost two weeks.
5) Looking forward….
To the weekend as my amazing cousins @karmaniThatsMe and @mynameiswhelan will be down on Durban and I finally get to meet @sue_levy in person.
6) Love is….
My gorgeous puppy Zara
7) Drinking…….
8) Wearing ……
my snoopy pjs
9) Craving ……
10) Dreaming……
Of jumping on a plane and flying to Fiji
Have an amazing day 🙂

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