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Tora Grace are beautiful reminders #WIN

Tora Grace are beautiful reminders #WIN

As I get older , I become rather sentimental and love gifts with a meaning. I love quotes as the are a reminder to us to be positive,that we are loved and to dream big. Local South African brand, Tora Grace have done just that and combined these things I love and created a stunning range of bangles.

For my birthday ,I was sent the beautiful Samsara Wanderlust stack of bracelets for my birthday from the lovely folk at Tora Grace. All the ranges are beautiful and yes it makes it very hard to pick just one. But I was captivated once I read up about the Samsara Range.

Samsara is a sanskrit word that means “wandering” or “world, with the connotation of cyclic, circuitous change. We took inspiration from this and have incorporated it with our love for travel and the wandering world. Each quote is individually chosen and designed with special fonts to celebrate your journey and add a pretty inspiration to your day. Our bracelets are made out of high-grade stainless steel and are designed to be worn and treasured on a daily basis. They are the perfect way to remind you of your goals, your loves and just how far you have come and how special your own individual journey is.”

Why did I fall in love with Tora Grace?

1. Each bracelet was not solid so for a plus size girl with large wrists this was great as most often the ones on the market do not fit me
2. The beautifully packaging.
3.The beautiful inspirational quotes on each bracelet.
4.The different fonts.
5.The fact that each bracelet comes in either Silver ,Yellow or Rose Gold.
6.The quotes come in English and Afrikaans.
7. The slim bracelets make it possible for stacking and mixing and matching.
8.There are 4 ranges Faith , Wanderlust , Love & Friendship and Inspiration.
9. They are lightweight.
10. The bracelets are adjustable.
As a traveller we often are away from home for periods of time and we do get homesick.So wearing a beautiful reminder from Tora Grace on your wrist is a daily reminder of how loved you are.These bracelets are perfects gifts for your loved ones and my Mum has her eye on a few of mine already lol. To check out the range go to
I have collaborated with the generous folk at Tora Grace and I have a giveaway for my lovely readers and a discount code.

Discount Code :
Using this special code #SpiceGoddess you qualify for a 30% discount from Tora Grace. This is only valid till the 9 June 2017.
Details for Giveaway :
Tora Grace is giving one of my special readers stack of 3 x Samsara Bracelets of the winners choice. Now this is so special right !
How to enter :
1.Share this post on any  Social Media platform and tag me in the post so I can see it.
2. Visit and pick the 3 Samsara Bracelets you would love to own.On this post on my Facebook page tell me which three you want to own.
3. Comment on this blog post telling me where you have shared this and completed all steps.
4. There will be only one winner.
5.Giveaway is for South African residents only.
6. Giveaway closes on 9 June 2017.
7. Good Luck.
Be Inspired !

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