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Let's GO EAT at The Midlands Kitchen

Let's GO EAT at The Midlands Kitchen

There are numerous things that make up a great roadtrip.And yes I do love taking roadtrips,check out  One of the best things is finding something delicious while you stop to fill up your tank.The Midlands Kitchen has taken the whole concept of road food to another level and literally takes one on a culinary journey with something to suit all tastes. As a kid growing up in the 80’s the best part of a roadtrip was the Padkos aka road food that Mum would pack. At this time there was not much on the road besides a garage and picnic spots with a shop selling hot or cold drinks.Mum would made a feast and her picnic basket was like a Pandora’s box of foodie heaven.

Situated on the N3 Exit , The Midlands Kitchen is a welcome break for every roadtrip.One is truly spoilt for choice at the Midlands Kitchen and every menu sounds amazing, yes I even asked if I could camp the night inside just to eat my way around the Midlands Kitchen.Opened on the 1st July 2017,this foodie dream stop has 15 different kitchens each with their own specially designed menu.On entering one is welcomed by big friendly smiles,who assist you in finding a table in the open plan seating area.The 15 kitchens are spread across this space each with huge boards displaying their menu.Each stand is unique and is matched to the kitchen theme.

15 Kitchens include :
2.Juice Bar
3. Mexican
4.Italian including Pizza
8 .Indian
9.Med inspired flavours
10. Harvest Table
11. Bakery
12. Pie shop
13. Burger Bar and a few more places .I got distracted as my tummy was already grumbling and needed to be fed.

I felt like a kid in a Candy shop and yes my eyes were defo bigger than my tummy even after my 5,5km hike. As a group we all wanted to sample as many of the different dishes as possible so we decided to each order two dishes too share. We all opted for different meals and realised later that we had forgotten about having pizza. Our table was groaning with the large amount of food we had ordered. The food arrived all within 15minutes of ordering and our lovely waitress was so patient with our group and everyone got the dishes they had ordered.We did cause quiet a ruckus with the food arriving and all of us getting up armed with cameras or phones to snap away our beautifully presented meals.
Some of the unspoken rules of hanging out with a blogger/influencer:
1. nothing can be eaten before a pic is taken.
2.Sometimes things are ordered just because they will look amazing in a picture.
3.Often food and hot beverages are cold by the time you eat/drink.
4.Be prepared to have a camera perched over you as you eat.

Now for the food review :
As each dish was brought to the table one could not help but be wow’ed by how beautifully each one was presented on a wooden board totally on trend here. The portion sizes are huge and everything is more than enough for two people to share. Beautifully garnished and authentic ingredients used every dish was unique with their own flavour. Price wise the most expensive thing on all the menus was R120 for a steak breakfast.In all honesty The Midlands Kitchen is definitely value for money with a wide selection of food to suit all tastes.

I decided on a Burger since I am burger crazy the last few months.My burger was huge filled with bacon, cheese and a dripping egg, the patty was moist and really tasty. The other dish I ordered was a Mutton Breyani , Durban style from Mr Biswas Durban Curry Kitchen and it tasted exactly like a breyani Gran would make. I was rather intrigued about by the name as it is named after a book called A house for Mr Biswas by V.SNaipul.We also tried out the samoosas and a lamb bunny chow made from homemade bread with lots of gravy and meat. Mr Biswas defo got the thumbs up from me.

I also sampled the Mezze Platter and the Falafels and Chicken Kebabs were divine and full of flavour. The tacos were filled with steak and loads of fresh ingredients and with a portion of 3 there is no way one person can finish that , while on a Mexican vibe I also tasted the Burrito that was jam-packed with fillings yet again flavoursome and very authentic. The Vegan options were beautifully presented and tasted amazing am so glad there are so many options for Mum.As much as I wanted to eat more I simply could not.

The next day for Breakfast,we headed back to the Midlands Kitchen and feasted before we headed off on a little meander.Options included the usual breakfasts including french toast and a Delux breakfast with steak. I opted for the Cheese Griller Breakfast and that griller was delicious.The Midlands Kitchen opens at 6am and closes at 4pm. Some kitchens are not open but will be shortly.I look forward to going back to the Midlands Kitchen so I can sample out a few more dishes. So next time you find yourself in the Nottingham Road area do suggest to everyone to go EAT at The Midlands Kitchen.

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